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February 11 – Scheduled Maintenance – February 1.05.00 Game Update

MTG Arena will be undergoing its usual monthly major update next week. The maintenance is to start at February 11, 8 AM PT (16:00 UTC) and is expected to last about two hours to deploy the 1.05.00 game update. The State of the Game article is yet to be released, so the details of this update is still a mystery.

What we do know so far is that the rotation of the Ranked Draft is set to change, with Wizards of the Coast confirming that the one for Theros Beyond Death will be ending February 14. The rest of the event schedule for February is still to be announced, possibly with the Nyx Basic Lands soon to be available as rewards.

It will also be interesting to see what features will be introduced with this patch, with the last few updates focusing on performance improvements. Looking at last month’s roadmap, we can hopefully expect at minimum, messaging between friends and a macOS release before the release of Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths in April.

We will be performing scheduled maintenance on February 11 at approximately 8 a.m. PT (16:00 UTC) to deploy the 1.05.00 game update. Maintenance is expected to last approximately 2 hours.

While no downtime is expected, this is a required update. Players who are logged in prior to the start of maintenance will be required to restart their client to download the patch.

Patch notes will be available once maintenance is complete.

Feb 11 – Scheduled Maintenance

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