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Taranika, Akroan Veteran

February 2020 Ranked Season

February 2020 Ranked Season is now in full swing! The season naming convention has changed, using the corresponding month and year rather than the name of the latest set. It makes more sense this way, since set releases happen usually midway through the month. Note the following for this season:

  • The card style rewards for the season has been confirmed Wolfwillow Haven and Taranika, Akroan Veteran for reaching Gold and Platinum ranks, respectively.
  • Finishing in the top 1200 Mythic at the end of the season qualifies you to participate for the second and final Ikoria Mythic Qualifier #2 that takes place on March 14, 2020.
  • For limited players, it looks like there will be a slight change in the rotating event structure, with Ranked Draft Theros Beyond Death poised to end on February 14, 2020. More information has been confirmed to be released in next week’s February State of the Game update.

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Season Details

Card Style Rewards

The card style rewards for February 2020 Ranked Season are currently unknown for reaching Gold and Platinum rank, respectively.


  • Constructed:
    • Standard Ranked (BO1) Ladder
    • Traditional Ranked (BO3) Ladder
  • Limited:
    • Ranked Draft (BO1) Theros Beyond Death (until February 14 – full event details to be updated next week)

Standard Constructed Legal Sets

Guilds of Ravnica
Ravnica Allegiance
War of the Spark
Core Set 2020
Throne of Eldraine
Theros: Beyond Death

Standard Constructed Banned Cards


Going forward, ranked seasons will be referred to by their respective month and year (e.g. February 2020) instead of the current set (e.g. Theros Beyond Death Season 1).


Febuary 2020 Ranked Season starts January 31, 12:05 PT (19:05 UTC), ends February 29 at 12:00 PT (19:00 UTC)

  • Top 1,200 Mythic Ranked players in Constructed or Limited at the end of this season will be eligible to compete in the Ikoria Mythic Qualifier #2 on March 14, 2020.
  • For more information on the ranked play and qualifying for 2020-2021 events, head over to


Players will receive their rewards for Season 3 at the start of the following Season (December 31, 12:05 PT/19:05 UTC). You must have played at least one ranked game in the respective format to receive seasonal rewards.

  • Bronze: 1 Theros Beyond Death booster pack
  • Silver: 1 Theros Beyond Death booster pack + 500 gold
  • Gold: 2 Theros Beyond Death booster packs + 1000 gold + Wolfwillow Haven Card Style
  • Platinum: 3 Theros Beyond Death booster packs + 1000 gold + Taranika, Akroan Veteran Card Style
  • Diamond: 4 Theros Beyond Death booster packs + 1000 gold
  • Mythic: 5 Theros Beyond Death booster packs + 1000 gold

As a general reminder, card styles are a cosmetic option only and does not add any cards to a player’s collection. There is no benefit to acquiring a card style more than once; if you achieve Gold Rank or higher in both Limited and Constructed, you will only receive one copy of the card style.


Constructed and Limited Ranks will be reset. Your new rank will be based on your end of season rank from the previous season:

Previous RankNew Rank
Bronze Tier 4Bronze Tier 4
Bronze Tier 3Bronze Tier 4
Bronze Tier 2Bronze Tier 4
Bronze Tier 1Bronze Tier 3
Silver Tier 4Bronze Tier 3
Silver Tier 3Bronze Tier 3
Silver Tier 2Bronze Tier 2
Silver Tier 1Bronze Tier 2
Gold Tier 4Bronze Tier 1
Gold Tier 3Silver Tier 4
Gold Tier 2Silver Tier 3
Gold Tier 1Silver Tier 2
Platinum Tier 4Silver Tier 1
Platinum Tier 3Gold Tier 4
Platinum Tier 2Gold Tier 4
Platinum Tier 1Gold Tier 3
Diamond Tier 4Gold Tier 3
Diamond Tier 3Gold Tier 2
Diamond Tier 2Gold Tier 2
Diamond Tier 1Gold Tier 1
MythicPlatinum 4

Source: February 2020 Ranked Season

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