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Friday Night Magic at Home

Friday Night Magic (FNM) at Home – Free Events and MTG Arena Codes for Sleeves

Friday Night Magic at Home

Wizards of the Coast are introducing new ways to connect Magic: The Gathering players with their local game store via MTG Arena over the next few weeks. We are starting with a series of weekly free to enter events on MTG Arena that last 24 hours, to provide fun ways to play in an environment similar to Friday Night Magic (FNM).

The rewards for this event are unique codes given out by your local game store, which you can do so by connecting with their community. We can do so by sharing a screenshot of the event page to your local game store’s preferred social media channel (such as Discord, Facebook or WhatsApp). Doing so will allow the store to message you the code, which redeems for special sleeves shown in the image above. More details regarding this event can be found in the official article here. Remember, you can check out more free codes at our MTG Arena Code section.

All events last for 24 hours, starting Thursday at midnight to Friday at midnight, PT. You can view them all in our Event Calendar. The details of the three events we know of so far are:

Challenger Decks – March 27

Choose between the four preconstructed 2020 Challenger Decks and jump in to challenge others. These decks are tabletop Magic products that mimic popular Standard archetypes, and is a good starting point for your entry into paper Magic. You can inspect the decklists below:

  • Final Adventure: Keep your opponent’s board clear while sending your creatures on lucrative adventures—then bring them home to deliver the final blow.
  • Allied Fires: The only thing cooler than a personal Planeswalker army is a personal Planeswalker army that can also turn into Dragons.
  • Cavalcade Charge: Get huge benefits out of your tiny creatures, augmenting their damage with powerful permanents to create a never-ending stream of aggro pain.
  • Flash of Ferocity: Untap, draw, thwart your opponent’s efforts with counterspells, or flash in an ever-growing army of your own at instant speed.

All Access – April 3

Build a deck with any cards in Standard, whether they’re in your collection or not. Play others, build more decks, play again. Rinse. Repeat. Similar to the “Play Any Deck” event held last year, we are free to test out all the cards as much as we want without having to craft them first.

Historic Brawl – April 10

Historic Brawl returns again, so grab a deck from our Historic Brawl section and battle!

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