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New to Magic: The Gathering and MTG Arena? Start here! We’ll walk you through options that introduce and teach the game for beginners, and help get you started!

MTG Arena Codes 11

MTG Arena Codes – July 2021

Below is the full list of all the currently available, non-unique promotional MTG Arena codes you can redeem for free booster packs, cosmetics, Mastery XP, individual cards, and more. New...

Strixhaven Set Mastery Pass 1

Strixhaven Mastery and Mastery Pass

The Mastery system for the Strixhaven expansion is a way for players to receive in-game content through regular gameplay. It runs from April 15th, 2021 until the release of the...

MTG Arena Trackers and Plugins Guide 0

MTG Arena Trackers and Plugins Guide

Magic: The Gathering Arena trackers are fan-made, third party applications that provide MTG Arena players with various information obtained from the in-game logs or external sources. It is used to compliment...

MTG Arena: State of the Beta - August 2019 0

Renewal Rewards

Renewal Rewards are additional in-game rewards given to all players to help augment players’ collections with Standard legal cards when rotation happens on September each year. Players who are eligible...

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MTG Arena Cosmetics Guide

MTG Arena has a wealth of cosmetics that allows you to customize your profile, individual cards and your deck. They have no effect on game play, and can be obtained...

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Brawl Format Guide

Brawl is a singleton format in Magic: The Gathering that is a variant of the popular Commander (also known as EDH) that uses only Standard-legal cards. It will be officially...


Eldraine Mastery

Eldraine Mastery was made available with the release of Throne of Eldraine on September 26, 2019. It is set to expire when the next set, Theros: Beyond Death is released...

Gilded Lotus Art by Daniel Ljunggren 0


In this article we explain everything about the Wildcard system in MTG Arena! What they are, how to obtain and redeem them, and the best cards to craft using these Wildcards.

Rix Maadi Reveler (RNA) Art by Sara-Winters 0

Individual Card Rewards (ICRs)

In this article we explain what Individual Card Rewards (ICRs) are, how to obtain them and how they work as part of the MTG Arena economy.

Spark Double (WAR) Art By Eric Deschamps 0

Duplicate Protection

In this article we explain the how the Duplicate Reward reward system works in MTG Arena, so excess Rares and Mythic Rares you obtain do not go to waste.