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Historic is a constructed non-rotating format exclusive to Magic: The Gathering Arena. That means you can use any card available in-game, even after they rotate and you will see non-Standard cards being introduced periodically. You can find all our Historic content here, from strategy, guides and tier lists.

Nicol Bolas, the Arisen Art by Svetlin Velinov 2

Top 10 Legendary Creatures in Historic

Legendary by name, legendary by nature! Before the arrival of Alchemy: Innistrad, there were exactly 400 legal legendary creatures in Historic. That’s quite a few, especially considering that most of...

Day of Judgment Art by Vincent Proce 2

Top 10 Removal Spells in Historic

Long gone are the days of … One of my favorite things to do in Magic is to kill creatures. Actually, not just creatures: put any permanent on the battlefield...

Sythis, Harvest’s Hand Art by Ryan Yee 8

Historic Selesnya Enchantress Deck Guide

Hi everyone and welcome to another article! I’m back with some Historic action again and today I’m bringing you my take on many people’s favorite long time archetype across multiple...