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Historic Challenge Event Guide and 7 Win Decklists – June 2021

The Historic Challege event returns to MTG Arena for two days, an event with a high entry fee and huge rewards to match! Players will test their mettle in a competitive, high-risk, high-reward environment comparable to the Competitive Metagame Challenge. In this guide, we will guide you though the event updated for June 2021, as well as the best decks to try for this event that players are using to achieve good results as the event progresses. Read on to find out more!

Event Details

Historic Challenge - June 2021

Prove yourself through winning best-of-three matches in the Historic Challenge! For more information on this event, see here.

Prize packs are evenly split between:
• Amonkhet Remastered
• Kaladesh Remastered
• Core Set 2019

  • Duration: June 12, 2021 @ 8:00 AM PST – June 15, 2021 @ 11:00 AM PST (players will have until June 15, 8 AM PT to join the event)
  • Format: Historic
  • Entry Fee: 10000 Gold or 2000 Gems
  • Ends After: 7 wins or 2 losses (whichever comes first)
  • Match Structure: Best-of-three matches (BO3)


0 wins4 Historic rare individual card rewards (ICRs)
1 win4 Historic rare ICRs and 1,000 gold
2 wins4 Historic rare ICRs and 3,000 gold
3 wins6 Historic booster packs and 5,000 gold
4 wins12 Historic booster packs and 7,500 gold
5 wins18 Historic booster packs and 10,000 gold
6 wins24 Historic booster packs and 15,000 gold
7 wins30 Historic booster packs and 25,000 gold

There has been an adjustment in the reward structure since the last event.

Historic Booster Packs

Store pack rewards received will be evenly split between the following sets: Amonkhet Remastered, Kaladesh Remastered, and Core Set 2019.

Historic Individual Card Rewards (ICRs)

Historic ICRs grant cards from pack releases on MTG Arena. They do not include cards that were released outside of packs (e.g. cards from Historic Anthologies). Historic rare ICRs may upgrade to a mythic rare, each rare is twice as likely to be awarded as each mythic rare. Card sleeve rewards are evenly distributed and duplicate protected; if you already have all four card sleeves in your collection you will receive no additional reward.

Historic Challenge 7 Win Decklists

Below we will be posting the decks that players have used to conquer the event itself. We’ll try post them as soon as they are submitted so you don’t miss out! Updated for the June 2021 event.

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