Historic Mythic Decks: September 2021 Ranked Season

Historic Mythic Decks

Mythic is the highest rank that can be achieved in the MTG Arena ladder system. The ranked season resets each calendar month, and the most competitive players aim to reach the top 1200 in either Constructed or Limited by the end of the season to qualify for higher level tournaments.

Here, we will be posting the latest Historic decks players used to reach or climb in Mythic. Historic is MTG Arena’s eternal (non-rotating) format that allows you to use every card in the game (except for banned or suspended cards). Our goal is to provide you with the most up to date decks, whether you are after the most fine tuned ones for the current metagame, or unique brews that might catch people off guard. and unique brews. For more details, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions below.

  1. Current Season
  2. Historic Leaderboard: Week 1
  3. Historic Leaderboard: Week 2
  4. Historic Leaderboard: Week 3
  5. Historic Leaderboard: Week 4
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

Current Season

The September 2021 Ranked Season begins August 24 following downtime and ends on September 30 at 12 p.m. PT (1900 UTC). Since the season started in August, your profile will indicate August ranked season in-game. For more details, click here:

Historic Leaderboard: Week 1

Historic Leaderboard: Week 2

Historic Leaderboard: Week 3

Historic Leaderboard: Week 4

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit my deck?

We are (still) working on our own deck submission system. In the meantime, the best way for you to submit your deck is via Twitter and tagging us on @mtgazone, joining our Discord server or emailing us. Ideally, your deck is added on Streamdecker or the deck code is provided.

When are the leaderboards reset?

The leaderboards are currently reset every new ranked season (each month), every week. For the current season, the dates are as follows:

Week 1: September 1 to 7
Week 2: September 8 to July 14
Week 3: September 15 to July 21
Week 4: September 22 to July 30

What are the criteria for the decks to show on the leaderboards?

Unfortunately, not all decks that are submitted can be added here as often many decks are exactly the same as each other. Here is a guideline on what decks we generally add:

– Meta decks that have high rank (top #100) or decks that reached Mythic early in the season (first week).
– Unique, off-meta decks are our favorite!
– Decks that are mostly the same (1 or 2 cards different) will likely not be added.
– We generally trust our users not to game the system or submit too frequently.
– Provide additional content (e.g. sideboard guide, explanations, and so on).

Where can I see older decks?

You can browse through all decks via our deck database. Searching for the term “Mythic” will show all results.


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