Kaldheim Announcement Stream

Kaldheim Announcement Stream: Spoilers, Mechanics, World, and More!

On January 7th, 2021 at 9 AM Pacific Time, Kaldheim will be making its official debut on the official Magic: The Gathering Twitch channel! A small part of the expansion has been revealed thus far (both officially and unofficially), but today is when it all kicks into full gear. Over the next two weeks the whole set will be revealed, before its release on MTG Arena on January 28th.

In this article, we will be rounding up the flurry of information and cards in Kaldheim during the debut stream as well as the DailyMTG section of Wizards of the Coast website according to the preview schedule.

Announcement Stream


We will be seeing four Planeswalkers in Kaldheim, two returning and two new. Tibalt is pretending to be a God, in the form of a Modal Double Faced Card! Only the art for Tyvar Kell has been shown today.

Kaya, the Inexorable

Niko Aris

Valki, God of Lies // Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor

Tyvar Kell

Tyvar Kell

Kaldheim Realms and Creature Types

Yesterday, Amazonian revealed a “cassette” tape Wizards of the Coast sent as a teaser of what’s to come, that includes a picture of the ten realms – one for each dual color pair. Each realm is represented by a creature type.

  • Axgard – Dwarves – RW
  • Bretagard – Humans – GW
  • Gnottvold – Trolls – RG
  • Immersturm – Demons – BR
  • Istfell – Spirits – WU
  • Karfell – Draugr – UB
  • Littjara – Shapeshifters – GU
  • Skemfar – Elves – BG
  • Starnheim – Valkyries – WB
  • Surtland – Giants – UR








Modal Double Faced Cards (MDFCs)

We’ve seen the other four Pathways revealed already (Blightstep Pathway, Hengegate Pathway, Darkbore Pathway, Barkchannel Pathway), but we will see a variety of MDFC types other than Spell/Lands we’ve seen in Zendikar Rising. Tibalt above is a Creature/Planeswalker, Halvar, God of Battle is a Creature/Equipment and the newly revealed Alrund is a Creature/Creature that you can flip back and fourth by returning it to your hand:


Each of the ten dual color pair will also be accompanied by Sagas, first of the multi-coloured ones in Magic!


Snow is a returning supertype that’s found on all sorts of cards. Snow doesn’t really do anything by itself, but it can be referred to by other cards in various ways.

Snow Spells

Snow Lands


A boast ability is an activated ability that can be activated once a turn, but only if the creature that has the ability has attacked that turn.


Any time during your turn, you can pay {2} and exile a card with foretell face down. Then, on a future turn, you can cast that card from exile by paying the foretell cost (the mana cost listed as part of the foretell keyword) rather than paying its mana cost. Essentially trap cards! Each color will have its cycle of Mythic Rare Foretell Sorcery cards.

Note that Foretell is optional and you can always cast it the normal way. You can also only cast it on a different turn and it uses all the same timing rules the spell normally has – thus you cannot cast creature foretell cards during your opponent’s turn (unless you can give them flash).

Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider

What is Vorinclex doing in Kaldheim? It gets two card styles, one in in the Phyrexian language and another is the treatment that all Legendary creatures get in the set.

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