MagicFest Online Season 1 Week 2 Daily Qualifier Decklists

MagicFest Online Qualifier Week 2 Monday Qualifier Decklists

In the first season of MagicFest Online, there will be four flights of Daily Qualifiers and all players who achieve a 5-1 or 6-0 record will be going through to the Weekly Championship. We are now on to the second week, which runs from March 28 to April 5. Join us as we follow the tournament, post decklists and see how the Standard metagame unfolds over the next two weeks. ChannelFireball will also be providing around the clock coverage and commentary on Twitch as the players stream their progress.

Results and highlights from Week 2:

Results and highlights from Week 1:

Monday Qualifier 1 (3 AM Flight)

Monday Qualifier 2 (9 AM Flight)

Results incomplete

Sunday Qualifier 3 (3 PM Flight)

Sunday Qualifier 4 (9 PM Flight)

For more information on the tournament:

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