MTG Arena Zone Historic Open #3 Decklists and Metagame Breakdown

MTG Arena Zone Open Tournament Series

The third MTG Arena Zone Open Tournament was held, and this week 72 players enrolled to compete in best-of-three Historic for a chance to win cash prizes and a month of Premium membership. Here, you can check out the full VOD as well as metagame data and the top performing decklists. You can also view the full tournament details on our MTG Melee tournament page and follow us there if you wish to be notified of future tournaments. You can also check out the report for the past two weeks below if you are interested in how they went:


Today’s tournament consisted of 7 rounds of Swiss, followed by a top 8 playoff. We want to thank sidetraK for production, all the competitors, viewers who tuned in and this week’s coverage team to make today’s event possible – be sure to give them a follow!


Although Core Set 2021 has been released for a few days, it looks like players are not ready to fully experiment with the new cards quite yet – and going with what they are most familiar with. This is similar to how Standard is evolving so far, though Historic being a non-rotating format means things are a bit more steady. Taras Kohut, who took first place with the faithful Gruul Aggro, had four copies of Scavenging Ooze in the maindeck and we saw the usual Historic suspects take the top 8 slots with miminal use of new cards.

Name# of Decks% of FieldWin%
Gruul Aggro1115.2778%53.7879%
Simic Nexus811.1111%57.8947%
Mono-U Tempo811.1111%51.9608%
Mono-R Aggro56.9444%58.1081%
Bant Ramp34.1667%44.7368%
Azorius Control22.7778%46.6667%
Mono-G Ramp22.7778%47.619%
Jund Dinosaurs22.7778%51.7241%
Mono-B Aggro22.7778%30.7692%
Esper Control22.7778%52%
Rakdos Lurrus22.7778%57.1429%
Bant Nexus22.7778%7.6923%
Rakdos Aggro11.3889%53.3333%
Mono-B Devotion11.3889%33.3333%
Bant Yorion11.3889%40%
Temur Ramp11.3889%41.6667%
Golgari Midrange11.3889%42.8571%
Abzan Land Destruction11.3889%46.1538%
Mono-R Burn11.3889%62.5%
Azorius Skies11.3889%0%
Simic Ramp11.3889%50%
Jund Lands11.3889%50%
Izzet Tempo11.3889%55.5556%
Azorius Tempo11.3889%53.8462%
Rakdos Dredge11.3889%52.9412%




Welcome to MTG Arena Zone!

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