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Red Bull Untapped International Qualifier 3 Decklists and Metagame – Final Standings

1091 players have registered for Red Bull Untapped Online Qualifier 3. After 8 rounds of Swiss play, the top 64 have advanced to play in the second day of the tournament for a single elimination playoff.

Day 1 Metagame

To absolutely no-one’s surprise, Temur Reclamation has showed up as both the most prevalent deck in the tournament’s meta and the one with the highest winrate (among all the archetypes with a non-negligible sample size). It seems that the community have finally come to terms with the fact that the format can’t be really broken anymore – Temur Rec is just objectively the best choice. Case in point – compared to the Red Bull Untapped Online Qualifier 2 that was held last week, we’ve seen 60% increase in number of Temur Reclamation lists brought to the tournament this weekend.

The premier aggro deck of the format, Mono Green Aggro, has taken a big hit to its winrate this time, falling short of a 50% mark. It was partly due to the sudden reemergence of Azorius Control in the meta – the deck that boasts an enviable array of tools to deal with Mono Green gameplan. But also – Bant Ramp and Sultai Ramp were now mostly built in the particular way to respect the curve-out power of Questing Beast and company.

Speaking of those Ramp powerholds, Bant version of a Ramp deck continues to show better results in tournament environment than the Sultai variant. It is of no doubt that Teferi, Time Raveler and Elspeth Conquers Death are just better splashes in your UG Ramp deck than Casualties of War and Eliminate.

The power struggle between Rakdos Sacrifice and Jund Sacrifice has taken yet another interesting turn this week. The Jund take on the Mayhem Devil concept has dropped off in popularity even further this week. Apparently the players felt that Rakdos variant is just superior to Jund – just like Bant is to Sultai when it comes to Ramp.

However, looking at the results of the tournaments, it seems more likely the choice of a particular Sacrifice deck is more of a meta call. In the environment where, in addition to usual control mainstays, Azorius is also a big presence, Jund with its late-game staying power of Trail of Crumbs plays better than Rakdos that is geared more towards creature matchups. Red Bull Untapped Online Qualifier 3 meta was definitely on a slower side, and so Jund has turned out to be a good choice for the day.

Mardu Winota archetype is definitely the spice of the tournament this week – two lists that vary significantly in their maindeck choices have finished the day with 7 and 6 wins.

Archetype# of Decks% of FieldMatch Win Percentage*
Temur Reclamation23721.7232%53.956%
Bant Ramp14313.1072%51.2521%
Mono-G Aggro12411.3657%49.8069%
Sultai Ramp766.9661%46.7456%
Azorius Control766.9661%45.2599%
Rakdos Sacrifice756.8744%50.9859%
Mono-R Aggro555.0412%46.748%
Simic Flash343.1164%46.8531%
Jund Sacrifice312.8414%51.6129%
Mono-B Aggro242.1998%51.6393%
Four-color Reclamation211.9248%55.914%
Simic Ramp201.8332%43.8776%
Gruul Aggro181.6499%49.4624%
Temur Adventures121.0999%54.6875%
Temur Elementals80.7333%44.186%
Esper Control70.6416%47.2222%
Orzhov Yorion70.6416%41.9355%
Bant Flash60.55%40%
Boros Aggro60.55%48%
Four-color Planeswalkers60.55%31.5789%

*Match Win Percentage excludes mirror matches.

Day 2 Recap

It was Temur Reclamation players who have populated the day 2 roster of the Red Bull Untapped Qualifier 3 – almost 40% of decks in the top 64 belong to the archetype. All other percentages have distributed between different archetypes failrly evenly:

Six out of eight decks that made it to the quarter-finals were Wilderness Reclamation archetypes. 5 of them were built in the classic Temur color combination, and one in the four-color build, splashing white for Teferi, Time Raveler and a few of other white’s top controlling tools:

Temur Reclamation, sticking to the role of the main villain, has bean beaten by the underdog in the final. Hoshi Yuki’s Mono White Aggro have bested Quentin Leroy’s Temur Rec. Here’s the list that was run by the Red Bull Untapped Qualifier 3 winner:


Below are the Red Bull Untapped Qualifier 3 highest-placed 64 decklists and their records:

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