SCG Tour Online Championship Qualifier #4 Decklists and Metagame

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For well over a decade, Star City Games has continually sought to provide fans with the highest quality tabletop Magic: The Gathering event experiences possible. Now, we are looking to do the same for everyone who enjoys playing the game on its premier digital platform!

The SCG Tour Online is a new tournament series played on Magic: The Gathering Arena, in which players from around the world will compete for Star City Games store credit and cash prizes! All SCG Tour Online events will be administered by our Star City Games Organized Play team using MTGMelee’s top-rated online event software.

127 players have been invited to participate in the second week of SCG Tour Online Season One Championship Qualifiers. Players who participated in the daily challenge events throughout the week were eligible to participate based on the number of points, and as such the many of the top players were in the event. Check out the VOD, metagame and the top decks of the event!



As we approach the big Players Tour Finals next weekend and the SCG Tour Season One Championship coming right up after this, (competitive) Standard is becoming just as problematic as it was before all the bans took place. This weekend’s tournament results, combined with the Red Bull Untapped International Qualifier, is showing the true dominance of Temur Reclamation. Here, we see almost a 37% metagame share between the two Reclamation builds. The Four-Color build adds Teferi, Time Raveler to the deck and some extra sideboard options such as Justice Strike and Solar Blaze, but is otherwise the same shell.

The win rate is also respectable here, taking into account a much smaller field but overall player quality is higher. The winning deck by Autumn Burchett was metagamed for the mirror match, where they were expecting the players to bring the same most powerful deck in Standard. The rival deck, Bant Ramp has the second most metagame share but the overall win rate is surprisingly low here.

The other decks have not able to compete on the same level for the past few weeks, and it seems like it is mostly a personal choice at this point rather than playing them over their confidence to beat the ramp decks of the format. Still, Mono Green and Rakdos Sacrifice are the ones to go for if you want to play something a bit different in Standard.

Archetype Name# of Decks% of FieldWin Rate %
Temur Reclamation3628.3465%58.642%
Bant Ramp2418.8976%41.4894%
Mono-G Aggro118.6614%49.0909%
Four-color Reclamation118.6614%50%
Mono-R Aggro64.7244%54.2857%
Rakdos Sacrifice53.937%40.7407%
Mono-G Stompy43.1496%54.1667%
Azorius Control32.3622%64.7059%
Gruul Aggro21.5748%40%
Sultai Ramp (Yorion)21.5748%33.3333%
Mono-B Aggro21.5748%18.1818%
Azorius Control (Yorion)21.5748%44.4444%
Jund Sacrifice21.5748%0%


Here are the final standings and the top 8 decklists (and a few extra ones for a bit of variety) from the tournament after 7 rounds of Swiss and a top 8 cut off. You can find all the decks from tournament using the link below, if you wish to delve even deeper.

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