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Ulvenwald Oddity Art by Brent Hollowell

Standard Mono Green Stompy Deck Guide: Smash Into Mythic

Fully updated for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Standard.

Hello Planeswalkers, I am The MTG Hero. As the Standard metagame has settled somewhat, I noticed that one of, if not the most powerful deck prior to Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, has disappeared. Of course, I am referring to Mono Green Stompy. Where did it go? It didn’t lose anything, and even gained a few toys that I am excited to talk about. I have played this deck almost non-stop and it is still my favorite “meta deck”, so let’s dive in.

Mono Green Stompy
52.7% global win rate
4.38% metagame share
Powered by
vs izzet dragons ️
90.9% win rate
11 tracked matches
vs izzet mill
80.0% win rate
5 tracked matches
vs grixis control
75.0% win rate
8 tracked matches
vs Mono Black Midrange
72.7% win rate
11 tracked matches
vs grixis vampires
71.8% win rate
39 tracked matches
vs izzet control
69.6% win rate
46 tracked matches
vs golgari midrange
69.2% win rate
13 tracked matches
vs other
61.6% win rate
73 tracked matches
vs rakdos anvil
60.5% win rate
43 tracked matches
vs simic ramp
60.0% win rate
5 tracked matches
vs dimir midrange
60.0% win rate
5 tracked matches
vs five-color ramp
57.1% win rate
7 tracked matches
vs jund midrange
55.8% win rate
43 tracked matches
vs mardu midrange
55.6% win rate
9 tracked matches
vs esper control
54.5% win rate
22 tracked matches
vs esper midrange
53.4% win rate
103 tracked matches
vs Angels
53.3% win rate
15 tracked matches
vs boros aggro
51.8% win rate
56 tracked matches
vs jeskai hinata
50.0% win rate
100 tracked matches
vs Jeskai Combo
48.0% win rate
25 tracked matches
vs selesnya midrange
48.0% win rate
25 tracked matches
vs Mono White Aggro
47.7% win rate
44 tracked matches
vs rakdos midrange
47.1% win rate
17 tracked matches
vs orzhov midrange
46.2% win rate
143 tracked matches
vs naya humans
45.5% win rate
11 tracked matches
vs Mono Blue Tempo
44.4% win rate
9 tracked matches
vs dimir control
44.4% win rate
9 tracked matches
vs temur aggro
40.0% win rate
25 tracked matches
vs temur control
40.0% win rate
10 tracked matches
vs azorius control
38.9% win rate
18 tracked matches
vs naya runes
33.3% win rate
69 tracked matches
vs selesnya enchantments
27.3% win rate
11 tracked matches
vs naya midrange
25.0% win rate
8 tracked matches
vs azorius tempo
20.0% win rate
5 tracked matches

Cards from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

First thing I want to talk about is the new toys it picked up.

Invoke the Ancients is very powerful, especially in a deck with Esika's Chariot. Remember how players cried for its banning and then disappeared? Well, get ready because the green Invoke is a super charged version of Wrenn and Seven.

Getting 8 power in the form of two bodies for 5 mana is a fantastic rate and I am shocked no one is talking about it. It pairs well with chariot because the tokens are automatically strong enough to crew it and then of course we get free copies of our 4/5s in the process.

Kura, the Boundless Sky has really been overlooked and it is understandable. It is lacking in power compaired to its counterparts in the cycle. It would be perfect as a sideboard card for a deck that uses fight effects and benefits from large tokens… If only that existed… Oh wait, IT DOES!!!

This card breaks creature deck mirror matches. Nothing stands up to it and is a great target for our fight effects and pairs well with Esika's Chariot. I think it is the sideboard card this deck always wanted.

The Deck

This is the 75 I settled on and am currently playing:

Mono Green Stompy
by The MTG Hero
Buy on TCGplayer $82.55
best of 3
0 mythic
30 rare
4 uncommon
26 common
Creatures (19)
Instants (4)
Snakeskin Veil
Sorceries (7)
Blizzard Brawl
Artifacts (4)
Enchantments (2)
Ranger Class
Lands (24)
60 Cards
15 Cards

Playing the Deck

Sculptor of Winter Art by PINDURSKI
Sculptor of Winter Art by PINDURSKI

This is more of a midrange deck than an aggro deck. Early game, we can set up with an Ascendant Packleader, but it it isn’t game defining if we can’t as it is a creature that scales better a bit later on but getting it early against a control deck is nice. Don’t feel ashamed to just play a land and pass.

After turn 1 we have a bunch of plays we can look to make. Werewolf Pack Leader is a fantastic 2-drop as a 3/3 for two mana is a great rate. Sculptor of Winter is our mana ramp creature of choice for a few reasons:

  1. It counts as a snow permanent for Blizzard Brawl.
  2. Untaping snow mana for sideboard cards like Blessing of Frost is extremely useful.
  3. You can ramp even harder when one of our Snow-Covered Forest is enchanted with Old-Growth Troll.
  4. It is a 2/2 meaning it is more durable than other options and just generally more useful when it comes to crewing Chariot or triggering pack tactics.

This makes Sculptor of Winter the superior choice over other mana dorks we could be playing. I will always lead on Sculptor when given the option as dropping an accelerated Esika's Chariot, Ulvenwald Oddity, or 2-drop with Snakeskin Veil backup or Blizzard Brawl is great utility.

Ranger Class is a fine spell that can put us way ahead of most decks with minimal investment. Against control decks leveling it all the way up when you have the mana available is never wrong as we can storm off the top of our deck and get back into the game after a sweeper and is basically like drawing an extra card on most turns.

If you can set up the turn three Esika's Chariot or Ulvenwald Oddity, I would go for it as it really puts us ahead. Old-Growth Troll is also a fine 3-drop and has utility even if it dies. On turn four there is nothing to prioritize over chariot unless you really need to remove a troublesome creature with a fight spell. Getting chariot online to begin generating value is all you should be focused on 90% of the time when you are able to.

Now is when our deck looks to really take over the game. Invoke the Ancients is an insanely powerful spell – it combos superbly with chariot and the reason why Mono Green is still so powerful. Creating 8 power for five mana (12 if we can activate chariot) is a rate that most decks just can’t compete with.

Cards Not Included

The Mammoth is a fine card. But it is often clunky and just mediocre. While I love it versus noninteractive decks that don’t clog up the board, it is lackluster everywhere else, and I think its slot is best suited to something else.

This card is powerful in the main deck. To play it, it is generally smart to play all the mana dorks you can to be able to reliably cast it early game to be the most effective. However, you end up with a board of mana dorks with relatively low power and can’t abuse this card to the fullest.

Post-board it just becomes worse as decks bring in better removal and make this a dead card. If you love it, play it, it’s just not for me. I don’t like “win more” cards unfortunately.

Wrenn and Seven is clearly powerful, but it is just worse than Invoke the Ancients in this deck. Two bodies will always be better than 1 slightly bigger one. Not to mention the Invoke tokens have more flexibility in their abilities.

Sculptor of Winter is just a better mana dork. Check out the “Playing the Deck” section for my reasons.

Sideboard Guide

Mono White

+2 Master's Rebuke-4 Sculptor of Winter
+2 Inscription of Abundance-3 Ulvenwald Oddity
+3 Tajuru Blightblade

Izzet Dragons

+2 Snakeskin Veil-4 Sculptor of Winter
+2 Kura, the Boundless Sky-2 Inscription of Abundance
+2 Blessing of Frost


+2 Outland Liberator-4 Ascendant Packleader
+2 Master's Rebuke-3 Ulvenwald Oddity
+3 Tajuru Blightblade

Mono Green

+2 Master's Rebuke-4 Ascendant Packleader
+3 Tajuru Blightblade-2 Snakeskin Veil
+2 Inscription of Abundance-3 Ulvenwald Oddity
+2 Kura, the Boundless Sky


+2 Outland Liberator-4 Ascendant Packleader
+2 Snakeskin Veil-2 Inscription of Abundance
+2 Blessing of Frost

Control Decks

+2 Snakeskin Veil-4 Blizzard Brawl
+2 Blessing of Frost

Tips and Tricks

  • With Werewolf Pack Leader, if you plan on growing it to trigger pack tactics, you must activate it before attacks, activating after misses the trigger.


This has been my “go-to” meta deck since Forgotten Realms and that has not really changed. While it may be less popular than it once was, that just makes it so much more dangerous as players probably are inexperienced with the matchup and the power level this deck is capable of. I love this deck and I hope you do to! It is insanely powerful and competes with the best of Standard.

If you enjoyed the article, please feel free to check out my links listed below! Until next time Planeswalkers, Hero out!

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