Strixhaven Championship: Day Two Highlights and Results

The Strixhaven Championship carries on, as the Swiss rounds came to an end today and determined the eight players who will go on to the day three playoffs. Players were looking to earn twelve match wins total in order to clinch their place in the Top 8 and have a shot at winning the championship title. If you missed our day one coverage, you can check it out here. You can also click the following links to view the metagame breakdown for both Standard and Historic.

Seth Manfield and Logan Nettles were the only two players to go undefeated in day one, and both players continued doing very well throughout day two. Nettles nearly managed to clinch his Top 8 position in round 13, but was stopped by none other than Manfield himself who managed to take the match win 2-1. However, both players would go on to clinch their twelve wins in round 14. Meanwhile John Girardot, who did not even make the top 16 in day one, had an impressive showing in day two. Girardot only lost one match, bringing his overall record to 12-3 and putting him in third overall.

With the Swiss rounds at their end, we can get a good look at the best performing decks in the field. Only two decks managed to go undefeated in the Historic rounds of the tournament, although unfortunately neither of the pilots made it to the final Top 8. In the Standard format, only Manfield, Nettles, and Lars Luckhaupt (who also didn’t make the Top 8) were able to finish the Swiss rounds with just one loss. All five of these top-performing decks are posted below, and you can view all 16 lists from the Top 8 players here.

The third and final day of the Strixhaven Championship will be kicking off at 9:00am PST with live coverage provided on the official MTG Twitch stream. The Top 8 players will face off in the form of a double-elimination tournament that will determine the final results, and it’s guaranteed to be an exciting conclusion to what has been a very interesting weekend of competitive Magic. We will return tomorrow with final results and analysis here on MTGA Zone, so stay tuned.

Strixhaven Day 2 Standings

RankPlayerHistoric DeckStandard DeckOverall Record
1Logan NettlesJeskai TurnsNaya Adventures13-2
2Seth ManfieldJeskai ControlIzzet Dragons13-2
3John GirardotJeskai TurnsTemur Adventures12-3
4Raphael LevyJeskai TurnsGruul Adventures12-3
5David InglisIzzet PhoenixJeskai Mutate12-3
6Matt SperlingJeskai TurnsSultai Ultimatum11-4
7Matti KuismaIzzet PhoenixJeskai Mutate11-4
8Sam PardeeJeskai TurnsMono Red Aggro11-4
9Brent VosJeskai TurnsSultai Ultimatum11-4
10Noah MaJeskai ControlSultai Ultimatum11-4
11Martin JuzaJeskai TurnsSultai Ultimatum11-4
12Rei SatoIzzet PhoenixJeskai Mutate11-4
13Yuta TakahashiIzzet PhoenixDimir Rogues11-4
14Luis SalvattoIzzet PhoenixSultai Ultimatum11-4
15Lars LuckhauptJund FoodCycling11-4
16Matt NassJeskai TurnsSultai Ultimatum10-5
Visit MTGmelee to view results from the whole field.

Undefeated Historic Decklists

[sd_deck deck=”BicBPIiz_”]

[sd_deck deck=”Uqu-57Hdm”]

One Loss Standard Decklists

[sd_deck deck=”UQGsDgVHF”]

[sd_deck deck=”-kaDgc27U”]

[sd_deck deck=”nsaFhq0dF”]

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