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Strixhaven Key Art

Strixhaven: School of Mages

Strixhaven: School of Mages will be officially coming to MTG Arena on April 15th, 2021 at around 8 AM PST (3 PM UTC)! Below we have compiled all the resources to get you prepared for patch day, so you don’t miss out on anything – especially all the content that we have posted over the past week.

Scheduled Maintenance

As per the course for major patches, Wizards of the Coast will be releasing the patch at around 8 AM PST and begin server maintenance. Kaldheim’s release was a little bit hectic, so we advice caution to players that want to play as soon as the game updates. Be sure to track the maintenance progress on the official MTG Arena Status Page for the latest update.


Wizards of the Coast just released this week’s announcements, though there wasn’t anything particularly new, you can glance at the events that will starting running from the rest of April. The most important event of them all – the Strixhaven Quick Draft – begins April 30th and runs for two weeks, rotating with the older sets. We will also update our Event Calendar accordingly.


With every new set we should be getting a new promo code for 3 free packs. You won’t be able claim it until the patch drops, but remember to claim your five college-themed sleeves that were given out during the spoiler season! For more codes, check out our guide in the link below.

  • PlayStrixhaven – 3 Strixhaven: School of Mages packs
  • ArtClub – Prismari Sleeve
  • DebateDuelists – Silverquill Sleeve
  • MathWhizzes – Quandrix Sleeve
  • RockJocks – Lorehold Sleeve
  • SwampPunks – Witherbloom Sleeve


Standard's Top Decks with Strixhaven: The Winners and Losers of the New Meta
Quandrix Cultivator Art by Filip Burburan

We don’t know about Standard, but Historic is sure to be receiving a big shakeup due to the impact of the Mystical Archive cards! Check out our theorycraft deck dumps below and try them out when the set releases:

For our initial impression and review on individual cards:


Strixhaven Limited Set Review: White and Lorehold
Mavinda, Students’ Advocate Art by Wesley Burt

Our quality limited guides are here to help you win your drafts, ahead of the curve from everybody else! The limited set reviews and corresponding tier list by Drifter:

And the complete limited guide by Compulsion for the overall picture:


If you just want to check out the cards and digest all the information while you Brainstorm your new potential brews, below is the full card gallery:



New set, new Set Mastery! The contents are shown in the link below, and the full track will be updated once they are revealed. We will also update our Mastery Calculator accordingly as soon as the update drops. Be sure to finish off your Kaldheim Mastery as much as you can – note that Daily Quests and Daily Wins reset at 2 AM PST before the maintenance time, so be sure to complete those as well!


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Elspeth’s Devotee Art by Caroline Gariba via Wizards of the Coast

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