The Arena Open - Day 1 7 Wins

The Arena Open – Day 1 – Historic – August 2020 – 7 Win Decklists

The first day of the Arena Open tournament is now underway! Players who reach 7 wins before 3 losses in a best-of-one Historic format will receive a token to compete in the second day of the tournament for their chance to win up to $2000 USD in cash prizes. This will be a rare opportunity to see competitive BO1 decks, as well as being one of the first higher stakes Historic events since the format’s inception.

The Historic metagame has been evolving quick and fast up to today, ever since the banning of Nexus of Fate and release of Jumpstart. We’ve made our recommendations earlier on, with Temur Reclamation and Goblins being a strong initial choice. There has also been a rapid rise of Mono White Auras after Ginky’s #1 Mythic finish for the July season, as well as the new Mono Red Burn deck. The format can still be diverse, and in BO1 many linear strategies are expected to perform particularly well here as you will see below! We are only two weeks away from Amonkhet Remastered as well, so the format could get more interesting as players already await for Standard Rotation and the release of Zendikar Rising.

We will be continuously adding all the known 7 win decks on this page throughout the day here. If you’d like your deck to be featured here please use our deck submission form (please be sure to include proof) or be sure to follow and tag us on Twitter at @mtgazone. Please note that due to the sheer number of decks, we may not be able to add them all.


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