Twitch Rivals MTG Arena Decklists

Here you can find all the top decklists from the Twitch Rivals tournament! Find out what players are playing in the new Standard metagame post-banning. The top 32 players will playoff on the second day, and the rankings will be updated once the tournament wraps up! Due to the nature of how these decklists were submitted, there may be some errors. If you see any, please report them in the comments below!


More Information

  • MTG Arena Zone Tournament Page: Find all the links to different sections in one place.
  • Twitch Rivals Live Coverage: The live broadcast of Twitch Rivals start at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET / 8 PM UTC for two days on November 19 and November 20.
  • Official Event Page: Here you can find players’ results, standings and submitted decklists. We will be adding them into MTG Arena importable format soon, so keep an eye out!


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