Twitch Rivals MTG Arena Decklists

Here you can find all the top decklists from the Twitch Rivals tournament! Find out what players are playing in the new Standard metagame post-banning. The top 32 players will playoff on the second day, and the rankings will be updated once the tournament wraps up! Due to the nature of how these decklists were submitted, there may be some errors. If you see any, please report them in the comments below!

Mono Red Aggro by floatius - MTGO Standard PTQ - November 22, 2019Mono Red Aggro15
Simic Ramp Elementals by FleshEatinGnome - #10 Mythic - Throne of Eldraine Season 2Simic Ramp2752-3
Temur Reclamation by BlinkyMTG - Twitch RivalsTemur Reclamation0654-2
Jeskai Fires by Chosen 1 - Twitch RivalsJeskai Fires0614-2
Bant Ramp by NessaMeowMeow - Twitch RivalsBant Ramp0494-2
Golgari Adventures by katimiuz#18703 - Twitch RivalsGolgari Adventures0914-2
Simic Flash by Jessica Estephan - Twitch RivalsSimic Flash0894-2
Jeskai Fires by JAB - Twitch RivalsJeskai Fires0794-2
Esper Doom by thefishou - Twitch RivalsEsper Stax0784-2
Dimir Control by PK_MTG - Twitch RivalsDimir Control0754-2
Golgari Adventures by Luis Salvatto - Twitch RivalsGolgari Adventures0704-2
Jund Sacrifice by Fatsuno#33209 - Twitch RivalsJund Sacrifice0634-2
Jeskai Fires by impact#1923 - Twitch RivalsJeskai Fires0604-2
Rakdos Knights by Ormus - Twitch RivalsRakdos Knights0564-2
Temur Reclamation by Fiora Bunny - Twitch RivalsTemur Reclamation0554-2
Grixis Fires by Bene - Twitch RivalsGrixis Fires0544-2
Bant Ramp by Sneakymisato#96540 - Twitch RivalsBant Ramp0864-2
Golgari Adventures by conanhawk - Twitch RivalsGolgari Adventures0424-2
Jeskai Fires by Raphael Levy - Twitch RivalsJeskai Fires0414-2
Izzet Flash by TheBallester#87524 - Twitch RivalsIzzet Flash0384-2
Jeskai Fires by hikiyamamatsurika - Twitch RivalsJeskai Fires0374-2
Rakdos Knights by SKI#05097 - Twitch RivalsRakdos Knights0354-2
Jeskai Fires by Sam_Roflo - Twitch RivalsJeskai Fires0035-1
Golgari Sacrifice by Wheeler - Twitch RivalsGolgari Sacrifice0174-1-1
Rakdos Aggro by Lonegoyfer - Twitch RivalsRakdos Aggro0095-1
Gruul Adventures by Duofanel - Twitch RivalsGruul Adventures0175-1
Golgari Adventures by Triosk - Twitch RivalsGolgari Adventures0035-1
Jeskai Fires by SevenZera - Twitch RivalsJeskai Fires0095-1
Mono Red Aggro by gmatignon - Twitch RivalsMono Red Aggro0175-1
Jund Sacrifice by Yamakiller - Twitch RivalsJund Sacrifice0095-1
Mono Blue Tempo by Jitko - Twitch RivalsMono Blue Tempo0175-1
Azorius Control by RobAJG - Twitch RivalsAzorius Control0175-1
Jeskai Fires by Sunyveil - Twitch RivalsJeskai Fires0175-1
Mono White Aggro by Lee Shi Tian - Twitch RivalsMono White Aggro0175-1
Golgari Adventures by Matt Nass - Twitch RivalsGolgari Adventures0175-1
Izzet Phoenix by Inove - Twitch RivalsIzzet Phoenix0055-1
Jeskai Fires by Sorquixe - Twitch RivalsJeskai Fires0852-3
Rakdos Knights by Wita - Twitch RivalsRakdos Knights2752-3
Izzet Phoenix by Victor Durand - Twitch RivalsIzzet Phoenix0943-2-1
Azorius Control by gcsmith#45681 - Twitch RivalsAzorius Control2752-3
Mono Black Sacrifice by Will Hall - Twitch RivalsMono Black Aristocrats0055-1
Rakdos Knights by Fernanditouh - Twitch RivalsRakdos Knights0176-0
Rakdos Aggro by Thumai - Twitch RivalsRakdos Aggro2752-3
Mono Red Aggro by Christian Hauck - Twitch RivalsMono Red Aggro0464-2
Golgari Sacrifice by Eduardo Sajgalik - Twitch RivalsGolgari Sacrifice0933-2-1
Boros Knights by Sorhue - Twitch RivalsBoros Knights0724-2
Jund Sacrifice by BrettWJayne - Twitch RivalsJund Sacrifice2752-3
Jund Sacrifice by Ginky - Twitch RivalsJund Sacrifice2752-3
Mono Black Sacrifice by Matbimonte - Twitch RivalsMono Black Aristocrats2752-3
Mono Red Aggro by RuneclawBarich - Twitch RivalsMono Red Aggro0176-0
Mono Red Aggro by Zunda2017 - Twitch RivalsMono Red Aggro0824-2
Temur Reclamation by Jaberwocki - Twitch RivalsTemur Reclamation2752-3
Gruul Aggro by TdollasAKATmoney - Twitch RivalsGruul Aggro2752-3
Jund Sacrifice by Bryan Gottlieb - Twitch RivalsJund Sacrifice0095-1
Rakdos Sacrifice by ChaosNarr - Twitch RivalsRakdos Sacrifice2752-3
Mono Black Midrange by Qvist - Twitch RivalsOther2752-3
Simic Flash by NoWonder - Twitch RivalsSimic Flash2752-3
5C Niv Mizzet Control by Iam3DHomer - Twitch RivalsOther2752-3
Gruul Aggro by JDoubleR2 - Twitch RivalsGruul Aggro2752-3
Bant Ramp by Muting46 - Twitch RivalsBant Ramp2752-3
Jund Sacrifice by Joshua Claytor - Twitch RivalsJund Sacrifice0514-2
Azorius Control by keyo - Twitch RivalsAzorius Control2753-3
Abzan Sacrifice by Emma Handy - Twitch RivalsAbzan Sacrifice2752-3
Izzet Pyromancer by Elseleth - Twitch RivalsIzzet Flash0874-2
Jeskai Fires by Makorito - Twitch RivalsJeskai Fires0175-1
Azorius Control by ShadowShadet - Twitch RivalsAzorius Control2751-3
Izzet Flash by Ranchtr33 - Twitch RivalsIzzet Flash0574-2
Jund Sacrifice by misplacedginger - Twitch RivalsJund Sacrifice2752-3
Brandon Alexander - Golgari Adventures - Twitch RivalsGolgari Adventures2752-3
Xan#81579 - Simic Flash - Twitch RivalsSimic Flash2752-3
Mono Black Sacrifice by Ni Hao Dylan - Twitch RivalsMono Black Aristocrats0674-2
Golgari Adventures by Skybliz - Twitch RivalsGolgari Adventures0644-2
Rakdos Knights by ManuS CCG - Twitch RivalsRakdos Knights0444-2
Lasenok - Esper Control - Twitch RivalsEsper Control2752-3
Jeskai Fires by lanethemain - Twitch RivalsJeskai Fires2752-3
BeardsleyTV - Golgari Adventures - Twitch RivalsGolgari Adventures2752-3
Temur Reclamation by SidetraK - Twitch RivalsTemur Reclamation2752-3
Esper Control by Searzist - Twitch RivalsEsper Control0175-1
Sultai Reanimator by TheWanderingBard - Twitch RivalsOther2752-3
Jund Sacrifice by Sandoiche - Twitch RivalsJund Sacrifice0026-0
Mono Black Aggro by BreannaLeeTan - Twitch RivalsMono Black Aristocrats2752-3
Golgari Adventures by MartinLichKing - Twitch RivalsGolgari Adventures0814-2
Izzet Flash by Percsalert - Twitch RivalsIzzet Flash0095-1
Jund Sacrifice by ChuckBeardo - Twitch RivalsJund Sacrifice2752-3
Jund Sacrifice by JanaAmari - Twitch RivalsJund Sacrifice2752-3
Gruul Aggro by the_stooksbury - Twitch RivalsGruul Aggro2752-3
Rakdos Sacrifice by PrediMTG - Twitch RivalsRakdos Sacrifice0055-1
Rakdos Sacrifice by Bolov0 - Twitch RivalsRakdos Sacrifice0095-1
Jeskai Fires by KanyeBest - Twitch RivalsJeskai Fires0364-2
Jund Sacrifice by LuCaparroz - Twitch RivalsJund Sacrifice2752-3
Azorius Control by LazyGuga - Twitch RivalsAzorius Control0474-2
Bant Ramp by JaketheJackal - Twitch RivalsBant Ramp2752-3
Jund Sacrifice by griffinbruce - Twitch RivalsJund Sacrifice0624-2
Gruul Adventures by MtgNerdGirl - Twitch RivalsGruul Adventures0774-2
Esper Control by SparksCoop - Twitch RivalsEsper Control2752-3
Simic Flash by Eric Froehlich - Twitch RivalsSimic Flash0714-2
Esper Control by Dcsports8 - Twitch RivalsEsper Control2752-3
Rakdos Knights by Tirentu - Twitch RivalsRakdos Knights0175-1
Gruul Aggro by Cardbro32 - Twitch RivalsGruul Aggro2752-3
Mono White by HeAngry - Twitch RivalsMono White Aggro2752-3
Jund Sacrifice by Ayymart - Twitch RivalsJund Sacrifice2752-3
Izzet Flash by Willscarlet - Twitch RivalsIzzet Flash2752-3
Temur Reclamation by JackTorrance90 - Twitch RivalsTemur Reclamation2752-3
Selesnya Tokens by JoinJess - Twitch RivalsOther2752-3
Temur Reclamation by Edmvyrus - Twitch RivalsTemur Reclamation2752-3
Simic Flash by Tiffany Calandro - Twitch RivalsSimic Flash2752-3
Simic Flash by Christian Calcano - Twitch RivalsSimic Flash0175-1
Rakdos Knights by Ferrando#90584 - Twitch RivalsRakdos Knights0484-2
Golgari Adventures by Ashlizzle - Twitch RivalsGolgari Adventures0524-2
Golgari Adventures by Crestongames - Twitch RivalsGolgari Adventures0694-2
Esper Doom by Berserkci - Twitch RivalsEsper Stax0764-2
Gruul Aggro by Kurolily - Twitch RivalsGruul Aggro0734-2
Jeskai Fires by Ortegonx - Twitch RivalsJeskai Fires0924-2
Dimir Aggro by TonyCash - Twitch RivalsOther2752-3
Temur Reclamation by Bahtam - Twitch RivalsTemur Reclamation2752-3
Abzan Sacrifice by TrueDawnFM - Twitch RivalsAbzan Sacrifice0334-1-1
Jund Sacrifice by Aliasv - Twitch RivalsJund Sacrifice2752-3
Jeskai Fires by Sjow - Twitch RivalsJeskai Fires0504-2
Bant Ramp by Unthalese - Twitch RivalsBant Ramp2752-3
Temur Reclamation by Seth Manfield - Twitch RivalsTemur Reclamation0095-1
Esper Doom by Upumpa89 - Twitch RivalsEsper Stax2752-3
Golgari Adventures by Gabriel Nassif - Twitch RivalsGolgari Adventures2752-3
Jund Sacrifice by Yawgmoth87 - Twitch RivalsJund Sacrifice2752-3
Golgari Sacrifice by Jon Westburg - Twitch RivalsGolgari Sacrifice2752-3
Mono Blue Tempo by Todd Anderson - Twitch RivalsMono Blue Tempo0404-2
Jeskai Fires by Zvi Mowshowitz - Twitch RivalsJeskai Fires0176-0
Mono Red Aggro by Simone Battaglia - Twitch RivalsMono Red Aggro2752-3
Rakdos Sacrifice by Pintgeddon - Twitch RivalsRakdos Sacrifice0834-2
Rakdos Sacrifice by Voxy - Twitch RivalsRakdos Sacrifice0744-2
Esper Control by Andrea Mengucci - Twitch RivalsEsper Control2752-3
Rakdos Sacrifice by Hunter Pence - Twitch RivalsRakdos Sacrifice2752-3
Gruul Aggro by Waifugate - Twitch RivalsGruul Aggro2752-3
Jund Sacrifice by mtgBBD - Twitch RivalsJund Sacrifice0534-2
Golgari Adventures by Mike Sigrist - Twitch RivalsGolgari Adventures0015-1
Jund Sacrifice by Rage - Twitch RivalsJund Sacrifice2752-3
Temur Reclamation by LSV - Twitch RivalsTemur Reclamation2752-3
Rakdos Sacrifice by TaaliaVess - Twitch RivalsRakdos Sacrifice2752-3
Simic Ramp Quasiduplicate by Brad Nelson - Twitch RivalsSimic Ramp2752-3
Abzan Sacrifice by AutumnLily - Twitch RivalsAbzan Sacrifice2752-3
Jeskai Fires by Javier Dominguez - Twitch RivalsJeskai Fires0095-1
Golgari Sacrifice by kanister_mtg - Twitch RivalsGolgari Sacrifice0454-2
Mono Green Stompy by eheh_dude - Twitch RivalsMono Green Stompy0434-2
Temur Reclamation by William Jensen - Twitch RivalsTemur Reclamation2752-3
Mono Red Aggro by BestMarmotte - Twitch RivalsMono Red Aggro2752-3
Esper Doom by ProFumatoTK - Twitch RivalsEsper Stax2752-3
Golgari Sacrifice by Carlos Romao - Twitch RivalsGolgari Sacrifice2752-3
Gruul Adventures by Santos Vella - Twitch RivalsGruul Adventures2752-3
Temur Reclamation by Reid Duke - Twitch RivalsTemur Reclamation0664-2
Jeskai Fires by Bloody - Twitch RivalsJeskai Fires0175-1
Abzan Wolves by Bengineering - Twitch RivalsOther0584-2
Temur Reclamation by NumotTheNummy - Twitch RivalsTemur Reclamation2752-3
Jeskai Fires by Kawa- Twitch RivalsJeskai Fires2752-3
Simic Ramp Quasiduplicate by Travic - Twitch RivalsSimic Ramp0055-1
Temur Reclamation by henip - Twitch RivalsTemur Reclamation0844-2
Jeskai Fires by Keetsune - Twitch RivalsJeskai Fires0804-2
Rakdos Knights by Shahar Shenhar - Twitch RivalsRakdos Knights0394-2
Temur Reclamation by Kbol - Twitch RivalsTemur Reclamation2752-3
Temur Reclamation by Julien Berteaux - Twitch RivalsTemur Reclamation2752-3
Simic Ramp Quasidupliate by Joel Larsson - Twitch RivalsSimic Ramp0344-2
Simic Ramp Quasidupliate by d3porter - Twitch RivalsSimic Ramp2752-3
Golgari Sacrifice by crokeyz - Twitch RivalsGolgari Sacrifice2752-3
Simic Food with Troll King by Caleb Durward - Twitch RivalsSimic Food2752-3
Jeskai Fires by UrlichMTG - Twitch RivalsJeskai Fires2752-3
Esper Doom by Ondrej Strasky - Twitch RivalsEsper Stax2752-3
Selesnya Adventures by Amazonian - Twitch RivalsSelesnya Adventures2752-3
Dimir Reanimator by LegenVD - Twitch RivalsOther0684-2
Simic Flash by Christian Calcano - Twitch RivalsSimic Flash2752-3
Temur Reclamation by Kbol - Twitch RivalsTemur Reclamation2752-3
Azorius Control by Alexander Hayne - Twitch RivalsAzorius Control0594-2

More Information

  • MTG Arena Zone Tournament Page: Find all the links to different sections in one place.
  • Twitch Rivals Live Coverage: The live broadcast of Twitch Rivals start at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET / 8 PM UTC for two days on November 19 and November 20.
  • Official Event Page: Here you can find players’ results, standings and submitted decklists. We will be adding them into MTG Arena importable format soon, so keep an eye out!