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Zendikar Rising Standard Decks from Day 2

The second day of Zendikar Rising is well underway, where we saw users unable to play a significant portion of the day after the rocky launch day. Now with the MTG Arena client stabilizing, we have a wealth of resources to get us started in the new world of Standard.

The Lotus Cobra, Uro and Omnath ramp decks are quickly taking over the format, where other decks are still trying to figure out how to beat it before it quickly spirals out of control. Winota even looks fair in front of these three without payoffs like Agent of Treachery. Sultai may have lost Nissa, Who Shakes the World, but her replacement (Nissa of Shadowed Boughs) and the already strong shell that existed before rotation also looks like a contender, though ultimately is still likely to involve the snake and Uro.

Check out the decklists below to learn how Zendikar Rising and rotation has affected Standard so far! Always remember, the metagame will likely remain unstable in the first week, at least until some tournament and event results start to come out. Please always think twice before committing your precious resources and Wildcards early on after a set release. Be sure to check out our resources to help you make an informed decision:

As always, we will be continuously be adding all decks here and keeping an eye on the metagame as it happens. You can also go straight to our Standard deck section and check out more early decks for ideas and inspirations:


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