MTG Arena Patch Notes Patch Notes – Jumpstart Game Update

Check out the full detailed patch notes for the July Jumpstart update below. As we prepare for a full breakdown of the set, in the meantime you can check out the following information regarding the new Jumpstart cards:


  • Jumpstart is here! Check out this brand-new limited mode for quick, mix-and-match games, as well as 300+ New-to-Arena cards for Historic.
  • Borderless Planeswalker styles arrive! See the store for bundles from Eldraine, Theros, Ikoria, and Core Set 2021
  • Check your collection while drafting – Hold ‘Alt’ while drafting to see how many of each card is in your collection


For more information, check out our Jump Into Jumpstart article!

  • Jumpstart entry fees are 2000 gold or 400 gems, and you can play as many games as you wish until the event ends.
  • Your first two wins of each run will each award a rare/ mythic rare ICR from the new Jumpstart cards (excluding those already in Core Set 2021).
  • Play your deck as much as you’d like and resign if you want to try a different deck.
    • Joining again will require another entry, but you can select different packets to play with and add to your collection and are eligible for the rewards again as well.
  • The Jumpstart event will present a player with 3 packet options, from which they will choose one. Afterward, they will choose a second packet from among a new set of 3 options.
  • Each packet contains 20 cards, including lands. The two packets will combine to form your 40-card deck.
  • Cards from both packets you select will be added to your collection. Gems or vault progress will be added for cards you have already collected 4 copies of (same as other limited events like draft or sealed)
  • As you hover over each packet in the packet selection screen, the basic land associated with that packet will appear. You will see a checkmark on the land if you already have that basic land in your collection.
    • Exception: The Rainbow packet has a nonbasic land, Terramorphic Expanse. Selecting that packet will only add one copy to your collection, but unlike the basic lands you can use common wildcards to craft this card if you wish.



  • Many, many prompts that referred to an X value now populate that value correctly.
  • M21 Showcase cards mana symbols now more closely match the tabletop versions!
  • New Hotkey: Press and Hold ALT during a draft to see your collection information.
    • Collection information shows how many of each card you have collected, including drafted cards in the current draft.
    • Fully collected cards (1/1 for lands or 4/4 for other cards) show a collected checkmark, like Jumpstart.
  • Premier Draft Core Set 2021 will continue to be available, but we are adding some additional Premier Drafts as well:
    • July 24 – July 31: Throne of Eldraine
    • July 31 – August 13: Dominaria



  • July 16 – August 16: Jumpstart
  • July 25 – July 29: Festival of Time: Flash Forward.
    • Play with two-color decks consisting of cards from Throne of Eldraine forward.
  • August 1 – August 2: Arena Open
  • August 8 – August 13: Festival of Time: Historic Super-Singleton.
  • 100 cards minimum. No sideboard.


  • July 24 – July 31: Throne of Eldraine
  • July 31 – August 13: Dominaria


  • July 24 – August 7: Theros Beyond Death
  • August 7 – August 21: Core Set 2021


Follow social distancing guidelines, and stay connected with your local game store as you participate in FNM Home on MTG Arena!

  • July 17: No specific event, whatever event you’d like on MTG Arena. We suggest Jumpstart!
  • July 24: Historic All Access: Play with whatever Historic-legal deck you would like, even if the cards aren’t in your collection!
  • July 31: Jumpstart Decks: A variety of Jumpstart packet combinations you can play for the day!
  • August 7: Historic Pauper: Bring a Historic deck, but commons only



  • Get a one-time deal with the Adventurer Bundle – receive 3,500 Gems, The Adventurer Avatar, and the City of Brass Sleeve; all for $14.99.
  • Borderless Planeswalker Card Styles are now available.
  • Entry discount bundles are available inside the store.


Bundle: Unstable Lands Bundle Unlock


Costs: 12,500 Gold or 2,500 Gems

Bundle: Eldraine Borderless Planeswalkers


  • Garruk, Cursed Huntsman Borderless Style
  • The Royal Scions Borderless Style

Costs: 3,200 Gold or 640 Gems

Bundle: Theros Borderless Planeswalkers


  • Ashiok, Nightmare Muse Borderless Style
  • Calix, Destiny’s Hand Borderless Style
  • Elspeth, Sun’s Nemesis Borderless Style

Costs: 4,800 Gold or 960 Gems

Bundle: Ikoira Borderless Planeswalkers


  • Narset of the Ancient Way Borderless Style
  • Vivien, Monsters’ Advocate Borderless Style
  • Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast Borderless Style

Costs: 4,800 Gold or 960 Gems

Bundle: M21 Borderless Planeswalkers


  • Ugin, the Spirit Dragon Borderless Style
  • Basri Ket Borderless Style
  • Chandra, Heart of Fire Borderless Style
  • Garruk, Unleashed Borderless Style
  • Liliana, Waker of the Dead Borderless Style
  • Teferi, Master of Time Borderless Style

Costs: 9,600 Gold or 1,920 Gems


Now available for purchase (through the Deckbuilder):

  • Shark Typhoon
  • Bastion of Remembrance
  • Akroma’s Memorial
  • Body Double
  • Maze’s End
  • Phyrexian Obliterator
  • Swan Song
  • Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger
  • Enchantress’s Presence
  • Gempalm Incinerator
  • Gempalm Polluter
  • Krosan Tusker
  • Tectonic Reformation
  • Chainer’s Edict
  • Devil’s Play
  • Momentary Blink
  • Roar of the Wurm
  • Silent Departure
  • Unburial Rites
  • Honden of Cleansing Fire
  • Honden of Infinite Rage
  • Honden of Life’s Web
  • Honden of Night’s Reach
  • Honden of Seeing Winds
  • Ancient Ziggurat
  • Mirari’s Wake
  • Ratchet Bomb
  • Tempered Steel
  • Timely Reinforcements
  • Young Pyromancer
  • Trusty Retriever
  • Stone Haven
  • Pilgrim
  • Supply Runners
  • Release the Dogs
  • Lathliss, Dragon Queen
  • Lena, Selfless Champion
  • Mystic Archaeologist
  • Doomed Necromancer
  • Sarkhan’s Unsealing
  • Kor Spiritdancer
  • Windreader Sphinx
  • Blessed Sanctuary
  • Steel-Plume Marshal
  • Archaeomender
  • Emiel the Blessed
  • Corsair Captain
  • Inniaz, the Gale Force
  • Ormos, Archive Keeper
  • Scholar of the Lost Trove
  • Nocturnal Feeder
  • Bruvac the Grandiloquent
  • Kels, Fight Fixer
  • Witch of the Moors
  • Drana, Liberator of Malakir
  • Zurzoth, Chaos Rider
  • Sethron, Hurloon General
  • Muxus, Goblin Grandee
  • Sin Prodder
  • Immolating Gyre
  • Branching Evolution
  • Rishkar, Peema Renegade
  • Allosaurus Shepherd
  • Towering Titan
  • Lightning-Core Excavator
  • Thriving Heath
  • Thriving Isle
  • Thriving Moor
  • Thriving Bluff
  • Thriving Grove
  • Linvala, Keeper of Silence
  • Serendib Efreet
  • Vedalken Archmage
  • Sangromancer
  • Goblin Instigator
  • Rise of the Dark Realms
  • Charmbreaker Devils
  • Dualcaster Mage
  • Elvish Archdruid
  • Momentous Fall
  • Oracle of Mul Daya
  • Primordial Sage
  • Ravenous Baloth
  • Verdant Embrace
  • Craterhoof Behemoth
  • Riptide Laboratory
  • New Horizons
  • Guardian Idol
  • Sea Gate Oracle
  • Thirst for Knowledge
  • Plagued Rusalka
  • Falkenrath Noble
  • Zombie Infestation
  • Dragon Fodder
  • Dragonspeaker Shaman
  • Magma Jet
  • Volcanic Fallout
  • Penumbra Bobcat
  • Carven Caryatid
  • Feral Hydra
  • Wall of Blossoms
  • Wren’s Run
  • Vanquisher
  • Prophetic Prism
  • Dreamstone Hedron
  • Mirrodin’s Core
  • Chamber Sentry
  • Phyrexian Tower
  • Tinybones, Trinket Thief
  • Living Lightning
  • Rhox Faithmender
  • Angel of the Dire Hour
  • Serra’s Guardian
  • Archon of Redemption
  • Cathars’ Crusade
  • Celestial Mantle
  • Cradle of Vitality
  • Duelist’s Heritage
  • High Sentinels of Arashin
  • Path of Bravery
  • Gifted Aetherborn
  • Settle the Score
  • Sharding Sphinx
  • Talrand, Sky Summoner
  • Whelming Wave
  • Black Market
  • Bogbrew Witch
  • Exquisite Blood
  • Gravewaker
  • Harvester of Souls
  • Liliana’s Reaver
  • Nyxathid
  • Ogre Slumlord
  • Bloodrage Brawler
  • Doublecast
  • Volley Veteran
  • Ghoulcaller Gisa
  • Carnifex Demon
  • Lightning Serpent
  • Etali, Primal Storm
  • Goblin Chieftain
  • Goblin Goon
  • Hamletback Goliath
  • Hellrider
  • Magmaquake
  • Rageblood Shaman
  • Commune with Dinosaurs
  • Assault Formation
  • Champion of Lambholt
  • Lurking Predators
  • Rampaging Brontodon
  • Soul of the Harvest
  • Primeval Bounty
  • Skittering Surveyor
  • Terrarion
  • Maelstrom
  • Archangel
  • Scarecrone
  • Curiosity
  • Explore
  • Ornery Goblin
  • Burglar Rat
  • Take Heart
  • Flames of the Raze-Boar
  • Windstorm Drake
  • Sage’s Row
  • Savant
  • Thought Collapse
  • Gird for Battle
  • Battlefield Promotion
  • Aerial Assault
  • Angel of Mercy
  • Bulwark Giant
  • Inspired Charge
  • Inspiring Captain
  • Knight of the Tusk
  • Aegis of the Heavens
  • Serra Angel
  • Sky Tether
  • Cloudreader Sphinx
  • Erratic Visionary
  • Kitesail Corsair
  • Leave in the Dust
  • Octoprophet
  • Waterknot
  • Exclude Oneirophage
  • Crow of Dark Tidings
  • Last Gasp
  • Lawless Broker
  • Mark of the Vampire
  • Soul Salvage
  • Tithebearer Giant
  • Wight of Precinct Six
  • Blood Divination
  • Swarm of Bloodflies
  • Blindblast Fling
  • Hungry Flames
  • Minotaur Sureshot
  • Makeshift Munitions
  • Furnace Whelp
  • Tibalt’s Rager
  • Warfire Javelineer
  • Dragonlord’s Servant
  • Arbor Armament
  • Ambassador Oak
  • Feral Invocation
  • Orazca Frillback
  • Presence of Gond
  • Sylvan Brushstrider
  • Wildheart Invoker
  • Wildsize
  • Ghirapur Guide
  • Nature’s Way
  • Thundering Spineback
  • Auger Spree
  • Raging Regisaur
  • Marauder’s Axe
  • Suspicious Bookcase
  • Juggernaut
  • Scuttlemutt
  • Buried Ruin
  • Coastal Piracy
  • Innocent Blood
  • Barter in Blood
  • Entomber Exarch
  • Phyrexian Reclamation
  • Sengir Vampire
  • Pillar of Flame
  • Lightning Axe
  • Sylvan Ranger
  • Overgrown Battlement
  • Chromatic Sphere
  • Lightning Strike
  • Act of Treason
  • Wall of Lost Thoughts
  • Leaving Soon:
  • Basri Showcase Bundle
  • Teferi Showcase Bundle
  • Liliana Showcase Bundle
  • Chandra Showcase Bundle
  • Garruk Showcase Bundle


  • Titles of M21 Showcase lands are no longer off-set on the battlefield.
  • Players can now correctly mute the M21 Dog pet (“Mute Emotes” on an opponent will mute their pet as well)
  • Fixed a bug where “Can’t be countered” abilities would still apply when their source was phased out
  • Fixed an issue where the deckbuilder would become unresponsive when opening the full-screen deck view
  • Fixed an issue where, when ordering replacement effects, spells cast as Adventures that create replacement effects were showing up with missing art and text.
  • Repositioned opponent’s remaining timeout UI to get out from under other UI elements.
  • Godzilla lands now show up alongside other basic lands in the deck builder.
  • Mutated cards with card styles should now show up correctly in the View Mutations browser.
  • Cleaned up how cards with cardstyles display abilities on the stack. Fixed errors where the wrong asset was being applied, leading to cards displaying with elements from two styles.
  • Fixed minor visual issues with the presentation of Adventure text boxes on the stack
  • Fixed the player draft “table” showing up behind the draft cards.
  • Added missing localization to the advanced search terms.
  • Activated abilities were sometimes causing old style badges to show up. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed minor graphical issues on Planeswalkers displayed in “tucked exile” under other cards on the battlefield

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