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Kolaghan’s Command Art by Daarken

Historic Anthology 5 Decks from Day 1

The latest MTG Arena update brings us Historic Anthology 5, 25 new (and hopefully exciting) curated cards for the Historic format. The full set of cards are now available as a bundle from May 27, 2021 to August 12, 2021 for 4,000 Gems or 25,000 Gold, or you can craft them individually with your Wildcards!

The set includes some exciting addition to this non-rotating format, including the cycle of Phyrexian Praetors and the Commands from Dragons of Tarkir. Let’s have a look at some of the first decklists by content creators that make use of these new cards, in existing and new archetype! Make sure to check out our full coverage of the set, including the card list, review and patch notes:


[sd_deck deck=”fgb5VKqsj”]

Historic is not quite at the power of Modern Affinity yet, but it’s getting close now! There are many possibilities, but it looks like building around Tempered Steel is a great option.


[sd_deck deck=”QfovudvwB”]

[sd_deck deck=”VT627kIhg”]

[sd_deck deck=”ICV7kN6KX”]

[sd_deck deck=”hEC-imHKJ”]

[sd_deck deck=”pCsp_iR6K”]

The original Dragons of Tarkir Command cards are mana efficient, flexible and even have some powerful options attached to them. Atarka’s Command can slot nicely into the existing aggro shells, such as Burn, Mono Red, and Gruul. Kolaghan’s Command of course, has a tonne of potential in many decks, whereas the other three are a bit more niche and may require more work to make them good.


[sd_deck deck=”KjKX-zEk8″]

Dragonstorm can kill your opponent in one turn using Terror of the Peaks and Lathliss, Dragon Queen. The prospects of Storm in Historic is interesting and can only get better from here, though at the moment it’s more jank than meta. There are many builds going around, such as ones that include Mizzix's Mastery.

Grisly Salvage and Trash for Treasure

[sd_deck deck=”gATuUg98h”]

[sd_deck deck=”8S1mGhco5″]

It looks like Bolas's Citadel is on the top list of artifacts for players to cheat out with this card! It’s almost perfect for a Jund Sacrifice shell that will allow you to go off. Below it is a Jeskai Control shell that involves the popular Magma Opus and Torrential Gearhulk for good measure.

Ichor Wellspring

[sd_deck deck=”YD8JTBXGk”]

Who doesn’t love drawing cards for extreme value? This is MythicMatt’s take on Historic Esper Doom. For further reading, make sure to check out his guide on Standard Esper Control!

Into the North

[sd_deck deck=”ZlLo37-q-“]

Into the North seems like a typical ramp spell that is already saturated in Historic, but it can fetch any snow land including the dual lands and Faceless Haven.


[sd_deck deck=”ovdLFPlS_”]

[sd_deck deck=”UE02uwWOd”]

The Phyrexian Praetors have been typically used as reanimation targets due to their expensive cost but powerful effects. Historic currently has Unburial Rites to play around with, but also God-Pharaoh's Gift!

Historic Anthology 5 Day 1 Decklists

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