Hooglandia Open 5 Decklists and Metagame Breakdown

Hooglandia Open

126 players have registered to play some Historic for the fifth Hooglandia Open! The tournament consisted of 11 rounds of best-of-three Historic under a double elimination structure, hosted by Jeff Hoogland. Check out the highlights and coverage in the VOD, metagame data and decklists for you to try yourself.


You can view this playlist of the coverage rounds as well as past Hooglandia Opens on Jeff Hoogland’s website.


Archetype# of Decks% of FieldWin Rate %
Sultai Lands118.7302%53.8462%
Rakdos Aggro75.5556%67.6471%
Mono-R Burn75.5556%38.0952%
Jund Sacrifice75.5556%51.8519%
Four-color Yorion64.7619%47.8261%
Mono-B Control53.9683%28.5714%
Esper Control43.1746%50%
Azorius Control43.1746%46.1538%
Selesnya Ramp32.381%62.5%
Sultai Combo32.381%33.3333%
Bant Ramp32.381%57.1429%

Here we saw another relatively diverse and open Historic tournament metagame with 65 (self-assigned) archetypes being represented. Be sure to check out more details for our own MTG Arena Zone Historic Open that took place on the previous day.


Here are the top 24 decklists from the tournament that went 4-2 or better.


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