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Hooglandia Open – Historic Top 10 Decklists and Metagame Breakdown

79 players have registered to play some Historic for the Historic Hooglandia Open! The tournament format was best-of-three Historic under a double elimination structure, hosted by Jeff Hoogland. Below we have the metagame breakdown and the top 10 decklists from the tournament. You can also check out the full decklists and even information on MTG Melee.

Metagame Breakdown

Archetype# of Decks% of Field% Win Rate
Gruul Aggro78.8608%55.1724%
Boros Midrange45.0633%50%
Grixis Combo45.0633%65%
Selesnya Company33.7975%45.4545%
Jeskai Control33.7975%50%
Mardu Midrange22.5316%50%
Grixis Control22.5316%50%
Boros Burn22.5316%55.5556%
Sultai Combo22.5316%55.5556%
Boros Feather22.5316%0%

Top 10 Decklists

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