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MTG: Arena Announcements, October 6, 2021

It’s Wednesday again, which means it’s time for us to review the once-weekly MTG Arena Announcements bulletin published by Wizards of the Coast. Much of today’s announcements are just a review of the information published last week, but there are a few nuggets of new information as well. Let’s get into it.

Reminder: MTG World Championship XXVII This Weekend!

The Magic World Championship is taking place this weekend, and as a reminder, you can choose a player who you think is going to win for a chance to earn prizes on Arena based on how well your chosen player finishes. Register your selection on the official World Championship XXVII website. You’ll find more information about the prizes there or you can see last week’s announcements post.

Additionally, the Magic World Championship XXVII Showcase will allow players to play the championship decklists against one another during the championship weekend on October 8-10 for Mastery XP and a sleeve reward.

Reminder: October Qualifier Weekends

This weekend will see the first of October’s two Qualifier Weekends, where highly ranked Mythic players get a chance to compete against each other for invitations to the upcoming Innistrad Championship in early December. See here for more details on the event. The second Qualifier Weekend will take place at the end of the month on October 30-31.

New Info: October Festival Events

Wizards will be hosting two special fall festivals this month on MTG Arena, with some of the special Equinox card styles from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt offered as rewards.

The first festival is called the Harvest Fair and will be taking place on October 15-19. For an entry fee of 2,500 Gold or 500 Gems, players will be competing against each other with yet-to-be-announced preconstructed decks. Once you enter, you will be able to play as much as you like to earn all of the rewards. The following card styles will be available as rewards:

The second festival will be the Harvest Bash, featuring singleton preconstructed decks and a “special gameplay emblem” taking place on October 22-26. No details yet on what the emblem will be, but the structure of the event is mostly the same – 2,500 Gold or 500 Gems to enter and you can play as long as you like. These card style rewards will be offered:

MTG Arena Forums Shutting Down

According to Wizards, the Arena Forums were created and used for when Arena was in beta and the development team needed to communicate with “the small group of our initial players.” Now, they say the forums are no longer needed as players mostly use other platforms for discussion and Wizards wants to put more effort into maintaining those other channels.

Wizards says their focus will be shifted into launching the official Magic Discord, and that updates will continue to be posted on the Magic Arena Twitter account.

Wrapping Up

And that just about covers it for this week’s announcements. You’ll find more detail about any of the topics mentioned above in the full text of the original article, which you can read below for your convenience. Additionally, at the bottom of the post you can view the fully updated schedule of MTG Arena’s upcoming events.

MTG Arena Announcements, October 6, 2021

This Weekend: Magic World Championship XXVII on MTG Arena!

Have chosen your champion for the Magic World Championship XXVII this weekend? If not, head over to the Magic World Championship XXVII page and check out the profiles of each player, make your selection, and then enter your email address. You can win prizes based on your chosen champion’s performance during the tournament October 8–10!


  • 1st place: Magic World Championship trophy pet and sleeve, plus six rare individual card rewards (ICRs)
  • 2nd place: Magic World Championship sleeve and four rare ICRs
  • 3rd–4th place: Magic World Championship sleeve and two rare ICRs
  • 5th–16th place: Magic Championship sleeve and one rare ICR

Tune in for the tournament action and follow your champion during the event on

Plus, try out the champions’ Standard decks on MTG Arena October 8–11 in the Magic World Championship XXVII Showcase event. Play Best-of-One matches against other players using a Standard deck of one of the champions—and even be represented by the champion’s avatar!

MTG Arena screen with champion avatars of Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa and Eli Kassis

Play as much as you like and change decks as often as you like. Your first and second wins each earn you 1,000 XP, and your third win scores you a Trophy sleeve!

World Championship XXVII MTG Arena sleeve

Check out the Magic World Championship XXVII viewers guide to get ready for a weekend of top-level Magic gameplay from the best players in the World!

This Weekend: October Qualifier Weekend

This weekend, October 9–10, features the first of two Qualifier Weekends coming up in October. The entry window for Day 1 and Day 2 of events is from 6–8 a.m. PT.

September Ranked Season badges update after the October 9–10 Qualifier Weekend—if you qualified for the October 30-31 Qualifier Weekends, you won’t see your badge for this event until after the October 9-10 Qualifier Weekend.

The second Qualifier Weekend falls at the end of the month, October 30–31. The entry window for Day 1 and Day 2 of this event is also 6–8 a.m. PT, with one note: for those in Europe, the October 31 Day 2 event will start one hour earlier, 14:00–16:00 CEST, because of the end of Daylight Savings (this only applies to Europe).

Play Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Quick Draft

Quick Drafts let you draft at your own pace, fast or slow. Like to draft without the pressure of timers—particularly with a new set that you may not be completely familiar with yet? Or maybe you know the set backwards and forwards and want to blast through drafting without waiting for others?

Whichever is your preference, you can play Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Quick Draft games right now and draft against MTG Arena bots who don’t mind how fast or slow you like draft!

When you’re done, craft your 40-card deck and play games against real-life Quick Draft players!

October Festivals with Equinox Card Styles!

Fall has arrived and October is full of festivals in MTG Arena. This month we have two festival events coming that can earn you showcase equinox card styles from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt!

Harvest Fair: October 15–19

This event features preconstructed decks.

Format: Preconstructed

Entry: 2,500 gold or 500 gems

Structure: Play as much as you want with preconstructed decks provided until the event ends

Earn equinox card styles for these cards:

Harvest Bash: October 22–26

Build a Singleton deck to make the best use of a special gameplay emblem. Play as much as you want until the event ends.

Format: Singleton w/emblem

Entry: 2,500 gold or 500 gems

Structure: Play as much as you want with preconstructed decks provided until the event ends

Earn equinox card styles for these cards:

Sunsetting MTG Arena Forums

Next week, the sun will be setting on the MTG Arena forums. They were invaluable during our beta periods when they allowed our development team to communicate directly with the small group of our initial players. When MTG Arena launched, most of the conversation moved elsewhere, and it’s time we better supported those platforms.

We know having an official place to engage with our development team and to interact with other players is important, which is why we’re continuing to work towards launching our Magic Discord. In the meantime, you can still expect the latest news and updates from our weekly announcement article and by following us @MTG_Arena. The latest patch notes are always available in our MTG Arena help center.

Events Schedule

Midweek Magic

Quick Draft

  • October 1–15: Innistrad: Midnight Hunt
  • October 15–29: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

Other Events

  • August 26–October 14: Jumpstart: Historic Horizons
  • October 8–11: World Championship XXVII Showcase
  • October 9: Qualifier Weekend Day 1 (must have Qualifier Badge earned through previous play)
    • Phantom Traditional Sealed Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. Phantom events do not add cards to players’ collections.
  • October 10: Qualifier Weekend Day 2 (must qualify through Day 1 event)
    • Phantom Traditional Sealed Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. Phantom events do not add cards to players’ collections.
  • October 15–19: Harvest Fair
  • October 16: Arena Open Day 1
    • Open to all players
    • Format: Standard (Best-of-One) or Traditional Standard (Best-of-Three)
  • October 17: Arena Open Day 2
    • Must have qualifier token from Day 1
    • Format: Traditional Standard (Best-of-Three)
  • October 22–26: Harvest Bash

October 2021 Ranked Season

The October 2021 Ranked Season begins September 30 at 12:05 p.m. PT (19:05 UTC) and ends on October 31 at 12 p.m. PT (1900 UTC).

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