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MTG Arena Cosmetics Guide

MTG Arena has a wealth of cosmetics that allows you to customize your profile, individual cards and your deck. They have no effect on game play, and can be obtained though:

  • Store: You can purchase cosmetics with both Gems and Gold, via a special bundle, Daily Deals (see below), part of a preorder or individually in their respective tabs.
  • Mastery: Purchasing the Mastery Pass comes with numerous cosmetics, generally within the theme of the set that they belong to.
  • Events: Participating and winning a small number of games in special events. They can be free to enter or have an entry fee.
  • Season Rewards: Card styles are rewarded as part of the monthly ranked season, depending on your final rank.
  • Codes: There are free codes you can redeem, as well as account unique codes emailed from participating in promotions.

In this guide, we will be providing an overview of each cosmetic type. Each section will also have resources (coming soon- see below) that show you how they work, how to obtain them and what they cost.

Please note that at a later date, we plan to expand this guide and add links to individual sections of each cosmetic type where you can see each item in more detail, including information on how you can obtain them, their cost, associated sounds, screenshots, and more. For a sneak peek at the work in progress, click here to go to the section on Avatars!

Daily Deals


Daily Deals Tracker

As of February 11, 2020, the MTG Arena Store features a Daily Deals section, where you can purchase cosmetics for a special price. The items refresh daily at 8 AM PT.


MTG Arena Avatars

Avatars / Guide

Avatars are characters from the Magic: The Gathering universe represent you on the battlefield. Every account starts with the 12 default Planeswalker characters, and the most of them can be purchased in the Store as part of a bundle or individually for 500 Gems or 3000 Gold. Some Avatars may also be used as part of the tutorial and other special events (such as the players from the World Championship), but cannot be obtained for general use.

Card Styles

Sulfur Falls Card Style

Card Styles / Guide

Card Styles, as the name suggests, gives your individual cards special treatment to change how they look. The “classic” card styles are a combination of a parallax effect with extended artwork to give it a pseudo 3D animation. They can be purchased directly for the full price in the Card Style crafting screen via the deck builder. The price depends on the rarity of the card:

  • Common: 400 Gems
  • Uncommon: 600 Gems
  • Rare: 1000 Gems
  • Mythic: 1200 Gems

Some expansions also feature cards with alternate artwork, that showcase its main mechanic or theme. They are made available in the Store, and also usually come with their own special set of events that you can enter and earn some of them as rewards. After a certain period of time, they are made available to be purchased individually if you missed out. Here are some examples of what we have had so far:

Promotional Cards

Promos / Guide

Promotional cards in MTG Arena are similar to Card Styles, in that they feature alternate artwork from existing cards. The major difference between the two is that these are treated as a separate card within the game and cannot be crafted with Wildcards. The general rule is that have their own unique export code if they have a unique set number, even if the card is from a set that does not feature in MTG Arena yet. These are obtained via special events and promotions, and some examples include:


Pets / Guide

Pets are your companions on the battlefield. You can interact with them on the battlefield to change its color, and their appearance also has different rarity levels if they are obtained via the Mastery Pass. If you are purchasing one from the Store, they can set you back up to 3000 Gems or 20000 Gold.


Boros Exquisite Sleeve

Sleeves / Guide

Sleeves decorate your card backs and can be individualized for each deck you create. Exquisite sleeves have special effects, and have different price points compared to a standard one:

  • Standard: 600 Gems or 4000 Gold
  • Exquisite: 1200 Gems or 8000 Gold

Other than purchasing them through the Store, many sleeves are available only via special promotions, purchasing Secret Lair products, event rewards and more.

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