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MTG Arena Zone Historic Open #7 Decklists and Metagame Breakdown

Our seventh Historic Open tournament is now in the books for this week! Historic is being shaken up every other week. Just after the conclusion of the first Historic Arena Open, Teferi, Time Raveler and Wilderness Reclamation have been added to the suspension list since August 3. We now also look forward of the release of Amonkhet Remastered next week on August 13. Today we will discuss this week’s metagame and decklists.

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Archetype# of Decks% of FieldWin Rate %
Mono Blue Tempo77.6923%45.1613%
Mono Red Burn55.4945%55.8824%
Grixis Control44.3956%64.5161%
Azorius Auras44.3956%50%
Mono Red Goblins44.3956%42.8571%
Azorius Control33.2967%55.5556%
Bant Golos33.2967%55.5556%
Jund Sacrifice33.2967%62.5%
Mono Black Aggro33.2967%45.4545%
Rakdos Sacrifice (Lurrus)33.2967%40%
Mono White Aggro33.2967%38.4615%

The removal of Teferi and Reclamation has opened the metagame wide open for this week’s tournament. There was no clear dominating archetype, as we saw 51 different ones being registered for the event! Since the removal of Wilderness Reclamation, we saw Azorius Auras quickly rise as one of the top tier decks, competing with Goblins, Sacrifice and Field of the Dead. Historic, at least for the next week, looks to be a fun format to explore as long as you come prepared for the previously mentioned four decks.

Top 16 Decklists

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