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Festival: Super-Singleton

Super-Singleton – Festival of Time Event Guide and Decklists

Festival of Time is back this week, where we can obtain the showcase card styles for cards from Core Set 2021. The format is Historic Super Singleton, and your deck must have at least 100 cards and only allowed one copy of any card in MTG Arena other than Basic Lands. Read on to find out how the event works and our decklists for this event!

Event Information

Festival: Super-Singleton

For this week’s Festival of Time event, you’ll need to weave together more cards than ever, calling in aid from many times and places. Can you bring the past into the present? The future may depend upon it.

Your deck must be at least 100 cards from all of MTG Arena, but you can only use a single copy of any card that isn’t a basic land, and you cannot use a sideboard or companion.

The following cards are not allowed:

– {U} Nexus of Fate
– {G}{U} Oko, Thief of Crowns

  • Duration: August 8, 2020 at 8:00 AM PST – August 12, 2020 at 12:00 AM PST
  • Format: Historic Super Singleton
  • Entry Fee: 500 Gems or 2500 Gold
  • Ends After: You can keep playing, but rewards do not go past five wins.
  • Match Structure: Best-of-one matches (BO1)

Event Rewards

  • 1 Win: Grim Tutor Showcase Card Style
  • 2 Wins: Scavenging Ooze Showcase Card Style
  • 3 Wins: Solemn Simulacrum Showcase Card Style


Drifter has brewed up some sample decklists for this event to get you started, and we’ll be adding more as the event progresses. No doubt there will be a tonne of valid deck varieties, so check back later if you are enjoying the format and want to try some others! For more inspiration if you are building your own deck, check out the other 60 card formats such as Brawl, Historic Brawl and Singleton.

Esper Doom

An enchantment-focused deck built around exploiting the many synergies surrounding that type, within Historic’s best control colours!

Grixis Control

All this much maligned archetype needed to succeed in Historic was for people not to be much faster or go way over the top as consistently, and Super Singleton affords it both those things. Grixis Control will do the same thing every game, which is kill every creature they play and bury your opponents in card advantage, while they flail around trying to draw the right few cards of their deck actually capable of combating that strategy!

Mono Red Aggro

Sometimes old faithful is the way to go; none of these ridiculous mana bases that require all taplands. Why bother when you can kill take advantage of their durdling with your horde of hot-headed berserkers, not quite so efficient but all the more passionate! Should they fail, well, you get to get into another game quicker than any other deck in the format.

Golgari Midrange

Traditional midrange may have fallen off the map lately, at least as far as the more mainstream formats are concerned, but Super Singleton is here to show you that it’s alive and kicking! Staying two colour gives you fast starts aplenty with more than enough staying power to overwhelm your opponents later on.

Simic Ramp

Turns out there are enough good ramp cards in Historic that having to play a hundred cards isn’t nearly so much a blow to this archetype, who could have guessed! With perhaps the best card quality of the lot, and the ability to go way over the top of the other decks, Simic Ramp may prove itself the best deck in yet another format. This time though, it’s actually fun, and you won’t feel the urge to grab thirty winks after ten games!

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