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Chulane, Teller of Tales (ELD) Art by Victor Adame Menguez 0

Brawl Format Guide

Brawl is a singleton format in Magic: The Gathering that is a variant of the popular Commander (also known as EDH) that uses only Standard-legal cards. It will be officially...

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Throne of Eldraine Brawl Decks

Brawl Decks are preconstructed theme decks designed to introduce players to the Brawl format. These are products sold for tabletop Magic: The Gathering, and each deck contains 60 Standard legal...

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Eldraine Courtside Brawl

Be the first to play Throne of Eldraine in this special event, using one of four preconstructed decks in our newest format, Brawl! Play a deck built around a specific...