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The Game Awards After Party Event Guide


The Game Awards revealed the official trailer for Theros: Beyond Death and MTG Arena has a surprise event for everyone! As previewed in the preorders for the Ashiok and Elspeth bundle and datamine from the game files in the new 1.03.00 patch, in this event we can play with 10 of the upcoming Theros cards, as well as with some of the most powerful and iconic cards in Magic: The Gathering!

Event Details

Now that we’ve celebrated at The Game Awards, it’s time to shuffle up and pick sides! Join Ashiok and Elspeth in a fight deep in the Theros underworld. They’re both armed with some of Magic‘s most iconic and powerful cards, as well as preview cards from Theros Beyond Death. You’ll earn Theros Beyond Death packs that you can open when the set releases in January.

  • Duration: December 12, 2019 – December 16, 2019
  • Format: Preconstructed
  • Entry Fee: Free!
  • Ends After: Rewards end at 3 wins, but you can keep playing!
  • Match Structure: Best-of-one matches (BO1)
  • Rewards:
    • 1 Win: 1 Theros: Beyond Death pack
    • 2 Wins: 1 Theros: Beyond Death pack
    • 3 Wins: 1 Theros: Beyond Death pack

Players will be able to select one of the two singleton, preconstructed decks based around the central characters of Theros: Beyond Death – Elspeth, Sun’s Nemesis and Ashiok, Nightmare Muse. Winning three times will reward you with three Theros: Beyond Death booster packs once the set is released to MTG Arena on January 16, 2020.

What’s truly fascinating is that these decks also contain cards such as Black Lotus, Mox Jet, Ancestral Recall and Sword of Fire and Ice – some of hte most powerful and iconic cards in Magic: The Gathering’s history. This is a significant event as it shows MTG Arena’s potential to include any card, and support a whole heap of other formats such as Vintage Masters draft, Legacy, and more. Obviously this is not something we can expect in the short term but we know it can be done!

Let’s now delve into the two decks and check out what new cards are showcased in this event.

Ashiok, Nightmare Muse Deck

Theros: Beyond Death CardsIconic Cards
Eidolon of Philosophy
Mire’s Grasp
Inevitable End
Memory Drain
Ashiok, Nightmare Muse
Mox Sapphire
Mox Jet
Black Lotus
Ancestral Recall
Doom Blade
Read the Bones
Hero’s Downfall
Control Magic
Ghastlord of Fugue
Underground Sea

Elspeth, Sun’s Nemesis Deck

Theros: Beyond Death CardsIconic Cards
Daxos, Blessed by the Sun
Indomitable Will
Revoke Existence
Hero of the Winds
Elspeth, Sun’s Nemesis
Mox Pearl
Black Lotus
Swords to Plowshares
Sol Ring
Leonin Skyhunter
Fabled Hero
Sword of Fire and Ice
Decree of Justice

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