Fandom Legends Week 28 Decklists


Fandom Legends Week 28 has now concluded, and many of the previous participants are now heading to the upcoming Mythic Championship V tournament. We still have 16 strong contenders this week battling it out in Standard before a potential banning announcement. Sjow takes down this week’s title with his version of the Simic Food deck with a perfect record!

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Standard Metagame – October 2019
Mythic Championship V Decklists
Banned and Restricted Announcement – October 21


Player NameDecklistRankingRecord
SjowSimic Food1st5-0
MTGNerdGirlMono Red Aggro2nd3-2
PrediMTGSimic Food3rd4-1
LewkMTGBant Golos4th3-2
Eli KassisGolgari Adventures5th3-2
Chris BotelhoTemur Reclamation6th3-2
WaifugateGruul Aggro7th3-2
TruedawnTemur Reclamation8th3-2
YawgmothGolos Fires2-3
Dave SeaGolgari Adventures2-3
BloodyTemur Superfriends2-3
ConanHawkGolgari Adventures2-3
AmazonianSimic Food2-3
Kanye BestTemur Superfriends2-3
SkybilzGruul Aggro1-4
Taalia VessMono Black Aristocrats0-5

Click here for the complete Throne of Eldraine Standard Decklist collection!

Source: Fandom Legends October 17, 2019



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