MTGO Standard Challenge 9/19: More Top 8 Tournament Decklists featuring Midnight Hunt

Unnatural Growth art by Svetlin Velinov

We’ve been closely following the results from the weekend’s competitive Standard events – the first since the release of Innstrad: Midnight Hunt and the Standard Rotation. Today, we’ll take a look at the results and decklists from the most recent Standard Challenge on MTGO.

MTGO features weekly Standard Challenges where players compete in a Swiss-style tournament for prizes on the client. The Challenges from this weekend give us a chance to see how competitive players are building for the new format, and which archetypes have found success so far. More information about MTGO format challenges and their prize structure can be found here.

Yesterday, we reviewed the results of the first Standard Challenge, as well as the Hooglandia Standard Open which took place on Sunday. For full coverage of those events, see the linked articles below.

Top 8 Standings

1SapoaRakdos Midrange
2KarolmoMono Green Aggro
3orantsproMono Green Aggro
4Windy514Gruul Werewolves
5LukasDusekGruul Werewolves
6BLJGruul Aggro
7inosisisiOrzhov Aggro
8fingers1991Gruul Aggro


Source: MTGO Standard Challenge September 20, 2021

These results look pretty similar to Saturday’s Standard Challenge, where Gruul decks dominated the Top 8. This time around, Mono Green joined Gruul with the two archetypes representing six of the eight top finishers. I went over these archetypes a bit in the previous post, so I’m not going to delve into it much here.

Despite the overwhelming presence of green aggro decks, it was a midrange-y Rakdos deck entered by Sapoa that managed to take first place, powered in part by the new cards Graveyard Trespasser and Reckless Stormseeker – the latter of which is also a key card in the Gruul decks.

The other non-green deck that managed to place in the Top 8 was inosisisi’s Orzhov Aggro deck. The deck runs a suite of disruptive creatures including four Skyclave Apparition, four Elite Spellbinder, and four of the new addition Brutal Cathar. It also runs four of each of the on-color Adversary cards, which are decent threats early and scale well into the mid-late game.

You’ll find all of the decklists from the top 8 players below, and you can view the full results from the event on Wizards’ official site.

Top 8 Decklists


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