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Field of the Dead Banned in Standard

Field of the Dead is now banned from the Standard format and events, in both best-of-one and best-of-three play – effective in MTG Arena as of October 24, 2019. As...

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1.00.02 Patch Notes

After a brief maintenance, MTG Arena is back up and makes a tweak to Throne of Eldraine draft in time before the Ranked Draft goes live, as well as performance...


Daily Arena Deck Advisor (v

Hey everyone, I’m back with another Deck Advisor update! Rotation has finally happened all the way and amid doing server-side fixes for rotation-related issues, I have now pushed version

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1.00.01 Patch Notes

MTG Arena has deployed a minor update that address bugs associated with Throne of Eldraine release. BUG FIXES Adventure cards with card styles applied should now display text in the...

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MTG Arena Zone Forums Now Open

MTG Arena Zone would now like to welcome you to opening of the discussion forums! You can create an account if you have not already and become part of our...

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Free MTG Arena Codes from TwitchCon 2019

MTG Arena is at TwitchCon again this year, and like the previous one there are more swags to be had. Below are the free MTG Arena codes released so far...

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1.00.00 Patch Notes

The Throne of Eldraine game update is now up! All Daily Quests and Weekly Wins have been reset also to make way for the new Eldraine Mastery. Make sure to...

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Free MTG Arena Code for 5000 Mastery XP

As promised previously, Wizards of the Coast are granting players additional Mastery levels in addition to the Standard 2020 events for catching up your Core Set Mastery progression. Redeem the...

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All Throne of Eldraine Cards Revealed

The last of Throne of Eldraine cards have been now revealed and added to our card database – though they are just mostly commons as we had all the Mythic...