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Zendikar Rising Leak: Crawling Barrens

The plane of Zendikar is well-known for its powerful manlands, and here we have a colourless one that functions as a powerful mana sink in the late game, with its...

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August 2020 Ranked Season

The August 2020 Ranked Season has begun, running from July 31, 12:05 PT (20:05 UTC) through to August 31 at 12:00 PT (19:00 UTC) and we have all the details...


Players Tour Finals Day 2 Coverage

Welcome to the Players Tour Finals! We continue our coverage of the tournament – on this page you will be able to read all about the events and matches of the Day 2.


Players Tour Finals Day 1 Coverage

VOD Preview While we’re about to see a tremendous number of Temur Reclamation mirrors, there are a bunch of innovative, disruptive strategies to attack the Growth Spiral decks from different...

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July 16 – Wildcard Grants

The latest patch also came with the implementation of the latest Historic banned and restricted announcement, and players who had Nexus of Fate, Winota, Joiner of Forces and Burning-Tree Emissary...