25 New Standard Decks with Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

Ashmouth Dragon Art by Simon Dominic
Ashmouth Dragon Art by Simon Dominic

At long last, a fresh Standard format is here with the arrival of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt! The latest expansion brings back a fan favorite world of Innistrad just in time for Halloween, and along with it a whole bunch of fun looking cards that look to shape Standard for the next two years.

Below we’ve collected all our new Standard decks for you to try, with an emphasis on featuring the new cards. Be sure to check out the associated articles as well (linked below the decklists), to gain further context on why we think these new decks might play a role in the new metagame!

Tribal Decks

Standard 2022 Upgrade Decks

Delver of Secret Decks


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  1. Yoshi-911 says:

    Just wait for this new combo I came up with to take over standard.
    Tovolar’s Huntmaster (4GG) for 6 mana you can get a 6/6 non-legendary and two 2/2 wolf tokens.

    However when combined with Mystic Reflection when foretold, it costs (U) to essentially triple the body of Tovolar, making the two 2/2 wolf tokens instead into copies of Tovolar, which in turn each will create two 2/2 wolf tokens themselves. For a total of (3) 6/6 creatures and (4) 2/2 creatures – a count of 26/26 overall for just 7 mana! This is sure to be a pretty unstoppable combo.