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Alchemy Metagame Challenge Event - October 2022

Alchemy Metagame Challenge Event Guide and 7 Win Decklists

Details and collection of Best of Three (Bo3) Alchemy decklists that reached the maximum 7 wins in MTG Arena's October 2022 Alchemy Metagame Challenge event.

MTG Arena’s Alchemy Metagame Challenge event is a limited-time competitive event held, where players can compete for some big prizes in a fresh new metagame. This October 2022 edition of the event is for Alchemy: Dominaria, adding 30 new cards to the format that includes a rebalance of Diviner of Fates from a 2/3 to a 2/1, which was a prominent card in the meta. It’s time to test out your decks against other like minded players to see if you can get the coveted seven wins!

Unlike other metagame challenges, Alchemy is going to be foreign territory for a lot of players as it has limited data, so if you’re feeling confident in Alchemy or in your skill, this may be the perfect opportunity to earn a bunch of packs. In this guide, we’ll give you a overview of the event, our recommended decklists, and sample decklists from players that achieved the maximum 7 wins.

Event Details

Alchemy Metagame Challenge Event - October 2022

Bring your Alchemy deck and play best-of-three matches! You’ll receive rewards based on how many matches you win.

Alchemy Metagame Challenge is an analogous event to the Standard Metagame Challenge that happens not long after the release of a new set. It gives players the opportunity to win huge rewards in a relatively new metagame where the new cards from the latest set are being tested.

  • Duration: October 14, 2022 at 8:00 AM PST – October 17, 2022 at 8:00 AM PST
  • FormatAlchemy
  • Entry Fee: 2,000 Gold or 400 Gems
  • Ends After: 7 wins or 1 loss (whichever comes first – single elimination)
  • Match Structure: Best-of-three matches (BO3)


7 wins5,000 gold + 30 Alchemy: Dominaria packs
6 wins4,000 gold + 20 Alchemy: Dominaria packs
5 wins3,000 gold + 10 Alchemy: Dominaria packs
4 wins2,500 gold + 5 Alchemy: Dominaria packs
3 wins2,000 gold + 3 Alchemy: Dominaria packs
2 wins1,500 gold + 1 Alchemy: Dominaria pack
1 win1,000 gold
0 wins500 gold

Our Recommendations

This is going to be a unique event as most players are not going to have much, if any, practice going into the event and the odds of your opponents wanting to invest in Wildcards or buy a lot of the new Alchemy: Dominaria packs is also low.

The data is very limited as well, other than from the major Arena Championship 1 tournament that was held prior to Alchemy: Dominaria and the Diviner of Fates nerf.

In our latest Premium article, here are our recommendations of Alchemy decklists going into the event that takes advantage of the fact:

Alchemy Metagame Challenge 7 Win Decklists – October 2022

Below we have collected all the 7 win decks from this event, and we hope to showcase a nice variety of deck archetypes. We will continue to add decks here until the event concludes.

You can also find these Alchemy decks and more at our deck database.

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